Missing Link

What would you add to the folowing system for best streaming experience?  Is there an all-in-one solution DAC/Streamer/NAS? I find my current iMac/OPPO 103/AppleTV setup rather inelegant and buggy. Entire system is as follows:

Line Magnetic 219ia integrated amplifier
OPPO 103 DVD Player
VPI Classic 3 turntable Sutherland Ph3D phono amplifier
Sutherland Audio Definition Mk.IV speakers

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
The best move I made was to get rid of all computers and associated electronics like DAC and USB/SPDIF converters and in their place I purchased a Bluesound Node 2 and a NAS drive

No more OS upgrades and all the luggage that comes with that.

Treat the Node 2 to some great cables (power and IC’s) and the analogue output will soars to new levels of performance.

The included software is compatible with iTunes library structure, is pleasant to use from either a Computer, Tablet or Cellphone devices iPhone ot Android.

I load new tunes to the NAS drive via my windows machine and re-index from my phone or computer.

Ethernet for absolute best performance - or wireless - your choice.

Comes with most popular streaming service interfaces

Regards - Steve

Completely concur with willie, and the price ($500) is hard to beat.

Now, if you want to go real budget, you can also try Chromecast Audio and use optical connection but that's pretty similar to your current AppleTV arrangement. For $35 it's a great value and depending on system synergy it can compete with more expensive streamers.


what do do you like for power cord with the Node?  
@jbhiller - there are a couple out there that I like and they range in budget

Anti Cables has some nice looking cables - $180US - I like the braided geometry...

Silver Resolution from Signal Cable - around $250US

For an exceptional power cord try the Power AC 2 from KLE Innovations - around $350US 

Then there are the DIY cables that I use

The Helix is the best geometry for a power cable I have tried to date and can be made fairly cheaply depending on the wire used - the cables in the link will better cables exceeding $1500 and maybe even higher.

For a very affordable high performance DIY cable that is a little easier to consruct...
- take a piece of 12 gauge extension cord from Home Depot
- remove the sheathing and take out the wires
- braid the wires
- Attach the spades (from the link above)
- attach Sonar Quest mains connectors 
- Screen is not required - the braid geometry defeats most all noise issues
- a piece of expandable nylon sleeve finishes it of nicely

If you want to improve on the braided design - instead of the Home Depot extension cord buy a piece of Encore bulk power cable from DH Labs and perform the same steps above. For higher current draw components try DH Labs Power Plus bulk cable.

I consider the cables in my system to be on equal footing with my  components, so I do not consider it "frivolous" that my cables may equal or even exceed the cost of the components they are attached to.

Hope that helps - Steve