Missing Cable for Audio Alchemy Digital Line Contr

I have managed to lose the cable that connects the two pieces of my Audio Alchemy Digital Line Controller. I had the unit in storage for several years, and brought it out to use it again, and I cannot find the cable.

Any suggestions as to where I could obtain a replacement cable, or have one made?

Any suggestions are appreciated.
It's with the AT&T connector, correct? Try searching for that type of cable.
I don't know the name of the cable, except that it has two diferent ends to it.
I suppose that you need to connect a AA PS3 or PS4 power supply with a DLC.
The PS edge is a 6-pin DIN plug, the DLC edge is a stereo mini jack 2.5mm.
It is very easy to make a DIY; you have to connect the tip of the mini jack to +18V (+24V unloaded), the middle to -18V and the base-shell to the equivalent 0V.
If you can't, I have this type of cables.