Miss your audio when traveling?


Here on a business trip...while, there the hotel room has a Travoli radio...not the same as my gear at home. How does one cope..........
I bring my Berning headphone amp, my 60GB ipod (WAV and Apple lossless files), and cans-of-choice. Last trip I had a pair of Swan M200 speakers too. Better than cable! There are smaller head amps than the Berning.


Sometimes you get lucky though. I stayed at the Sutton Place in Chicago last year and they had a passable system with an Onkyo CD Player/Tuner and Amplifier and Teac bookshelfs. Once I had repositioned the speakers it wasn't half bad.
I often stay at the Sutton Place. But tonight I'm trying the Sofitel.

I miss my system a lot when I travel.
I think it might depend on where I'm going. Business trips to boring industrial parks in other American cities? Of course I miss it then. On a real family vacation, not so much.
you're a perfect ipod candidate with decent headphones or a little travel stereo...some more gear to buy !!!
Eventhough I get to hear a lot of different systems at dealers and friend's homes when I travel I still miss my own a lot.
Oh yes!!
buy an mp3 player. ipods aren't the only ones out there and Shure e3's - for a modest price and without all the hastle of an amp and cables, you'll have a fun (sound isolating) way to listen to music while on the plane or in the hotel.

It's not your system but sounds warm and pleasant for minimal components.
what i'd do to have the hotel give the option of even a low midfy system over cable TV
There's no way Marco misses his audio when he travels. He fills up a freakin' van to the seams with his gear just so he can listen while doing road shoots!
For those long lay-overs at the airport there is nothing like breaking out the HD-600s and plugging in the Zen for some relaxing or not so relaxing sounds.
Say, is true that the earlier IPODs have the better fidelity?
try 8 months away from home post Katrina

My main system - the amp and pre and in boxes
electrical surges may have hit them during the storm
must get them to Richard Gray

how does one cope? music in the car (those 6 hour trips)
and my bedroom system hauled over to Houston
it will be nice when I get back to New Orleans

at least I didn't have major damage
I have a friend who lost 12,000 lps
his brother lost his home

if you compare up, you are miserable
if you compare down, you are greatful
God Bless

Man, I miss my audio between 8AM and 4PM every day.
Audiotomb - I think loseing 12,000 LPs is trivial when put into perspective to what happened. All of this audio stuff is insignificant in a situation like that.

"if you compare up, you are miserable
if you compare down, you are greatful
God Bless"
- Tom

What a great statement Tom!
i don't miss it, have an ipod, some noise cancelling headphones, and 5000 songs on shuffle play. i do miss my listening room -- a real nice place to relax and tune out. sure beats the lounge at the Delhi airport...
Audiotomb - Good luck with the rebuilding to you and everyone in the Gulf Coast. So true about things are all relative.


I ran into an audio friend from Mississippi this weekend
he had 5 feet of water in his home
lost all his audio equipment
this was 1/2 mile inland

he was rebuilding some speaker cabinets
that had plastic outer shells
I use a Cambridge Sounds Model 12 portable for the last few years. It is pretty bullet proof and has decent sound connected to Wav ipod or Cd player. The suitcase it comes in becomes the subwoofer, to weight 26 lbs.