Miss my Dunlavy Speakers, Were to go...

I had a pair of Dunlavy SC-1 speakers several years ago, and I miss them. They were so accurate, detailed (but never bright), and totally Disappeared into a room with hardwood floors and wood paneling that was only 10x10. I loved those speakers and miss them.

Short of finding a pair used were should I turn? My room is a little better, but not much. I listen fairly close. I have found Dynaudio just a bit dry for me. They have had most of what the Dunlavys offered, but just a little lean. I found Totem's Arro, Mite, and DC to be great, but not quit as accurate. They sing like the dickens and almost disappear, but they lacked a bit of the precision.

I have some Ohm that are still breaking in, but I'm having trouble getting used to their presentation. They sound a little laid back to me, and while I love the boxless sound they produce, it comes at the price of accuracy.

Anyway, these are just my MHO of these speakers and I know every person, room and system is different. I'm not trying to bash any of the above speakers. They all are really nice. I'm just to express where I stand, and trying to get a little guidance from some Dunlavy lovers out there.

Aside from any suggestions I may be moving onto Gallo 3.1s next.

Original owner of the SC1AV's, SM1's, SC3's, SC4's and SC4's and SC4A's. The 5's and 6'S I will reserve for a casket when I die. I never had the space. All are incredible. I kept the SC3's and actually feel they are the best of the lot when supplied with a proper sub and electronics of course. Basically they are the largest disappearing mini monitor I've ever heard. Yes Planars (Maggies/Logans, etc...) and Statics sound super cool and always sizzle or exaggerate imho and I love both of those as well. But if you want ruler flat speakers that go away once placed perfectly you cant go wrong with DAL. Side note even 1/8th an inch will make a huge difference. Also get real spikes Outriggers work wonders. From my exp the harder your speakers are to place the better the speaker is, cause your hearing the room dynamics. Definitely not recommend for less expensive gear or people that wont spend the time and money to get it right. Dunlavy's are like a woman that you married and divorced 3 times but ultimately you keep coming back to her. They can be that annoying to get placed right.  

At the end of the day if your typing on your laptop or some other chore and the music is so good you have to stop and listen laugh and say "Dam that sounds good" your done what ever your brand... Enjoy the emotion your system is giving you and search for a woman that can do the same thing! Dunlavy's have always done that for me and a great loss to the Audio community with his passing. Godspeed Sir John Dunlavy!
My reference pair is some SC-IVs since the late 80s       Those stay put and have probably owned 30 plus other Hifi speakers ever since.    The only speakers Modern speakers I’ve heard that wowed me are evolution acoustics   which excell in the same areas that the Dunlavy s do.      When I first heard them my brain said Dunlavy has been reincarnated.   
I still have some SC-IIIs in the extra bedroom.  I got the itch and upgraded to Vandersteen Quatros.  Also my listening space did not seem to allow for the wide spacing they seem to demand, but I have some radical new ideas for placement...

You guys have me contemplating hauling them out and hooking them up again.  I never heard them with my tube gear. 

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Finally scooched the SC-IIIs out of the spare bedroom and hooked them up to my Rogue M-180s.  I just set them to the outside of my Vandersteens, toed in a bit, but not very carefully.  I never had these hooked up to my big tube amps.  They sound vibrant, fast, and image effortlessly.  Surprising how solid the center image is without fussing.  The treble sounded just a tad strident, but they have been sitting idle for for 10 years.  And I'm sitting only 9 feet from each speaker,  not quite the recommended 10 feet or 3 meters (as I seem to recall).

The speakers must be 20 years old.  Should I be worried about aging components in the crossovers?