Miss much from salon 2 to studio 2?

Was about to pull the trigger on a pair of revel salon 2. But my dealer thinks that with the amount of funds I have available that upgrading my proceed amp5 to a sim audio and studio 2 would be a better use of my money than moving to a pair of salon 2.

Is he right? I have a classe ssp 800
I have the amp 5 and used to own Revel Studio 1 and I can tell you that the amp 5 does not have enough power to drive the Studios. The Studio 2 and 1 have similar sensitivities.

I now have Salon 2 and drive them with 450W amp. The Salon 2 needs lots of power to bring them alive.
Thanks. So sell the amp 5 and pick up a sim audio w5 or w8 and studio 2 is the deal.
Your dealer sounds like he is giving you good advice for the best bang for the buck , but I would evaluate your financial situation and find the extra funds for the Salons . There are a better sounding speaker and they alleviate the issue of tinkering with aftermarket subs , and all the extra cords cables ect , ect .
He told me that the primary difference between the studio and salon is bass extension and some loss in the mid range driver. He says the sim is has a more forward mid range and that is a good match with the studio. He mention that the two speakers are very close and depending on room size, reflection points, wall treatments and other less than ideal environment the difference between the salons and studio maybe smaller than one thinks. Meaning the difference would be very close.

He mentioned that my room size 22 x 14 could support either salon or studio. And stated that if home theaters is the primary goal over 2 channel than the studio with the voice is a better setup. But he would be happy to take my money for the salons. I told him 80 percent home theater.
Did you ever settle on a speaker? Aerial 7Ts or theRevel Studio2?.