Mispressed Record, Don Mclean Tapestry UAS-5522

I think I have a mispressed record. The record plays really fast even on 33rpm. Does anyone have a similar experience?
Some will have to ask the obvious:
Is the turntable working properly? Have you tried other records?

a quick search for the album title and identification number..and ...adding ’16 rpm’ to the end of the search does, for some reasons..seem to show results. (google auto completing of potential results)

Essentially, that your question exists in the record of the internet and searching, which seems to say that 16rpm versions may actually exist. Those where known as archival speeds, radio play speeds, etc.
Tested on 3 separate systems and played different records on those systems too. They all function correctly. It seems I may have a 16 rpm one.
Which then leaves the question... who has a 16rpm on there tt? You’d also think the company would put a little extra “signage” warning that it’s a non standard speed.

I hope you’re able to exchange it.
Maybe you are using only Rega turntables. Rumours have it they play a little faster than 33-1/3 rpm. 
Thorens TD125 turntables have a 16 rpm setting. Older decks designed in that same time period can also have a 16 rpm setting.