Misleading information on cables auctions......

I have noticed lately, some misleading information related to new cost of auctioned cables. These are the Audio Magic Sceptor Digital. I bought one recently at...(other site) after bidding $35.00. I thought I got a great price, which was, but not that big saving. I bidded based on a price I saw on a post here. It said "new cost" $90.00. Then, after winning the bid, I saw another auction here from HCM Audio for $14.95 dutch sale, which said the retail price was $55.00...UHmmm!!! They have them on sale for $22.95 at their site. Now, I saw a new auction here from someone starting at $49.00 and indicating a "new price" of $150.00...how it comes all these differences when the model is the same discontinued yellow cable from Audio Magic (which by the way, makes fantastic cables). This kind of information is erroneous and could guide to bad deals. I know we should search before bidding, but hey!! where is the confidence factor going.....
I saw the same thing. I share your thoughts.

That would anger me also. I read many ads and cringe at the liberties some take. Whether said BS-factor has to do with original price/ capabilities/ where the product lies in the hierarchy of the Mfg(and date) This is borderline dishonest; trying to deceive folks.-- Like-- if they told the truth; no one would buy the item. AND-Yes;I have bought from "these sellers".
different lengths?
Nope same lengths