Mislabeled album

I have a mis-labeled Steely Dan Pretzel LogicAlbum. Side two is ABC Records, Pretzel Logic. Side one is Rita Coolidge A&M Love has No Pride.  The recording is full Pretzel Logic. Any thoughts on this are welcome. Historically, did ABC and A&M use the same manufacturing facilities? Were they related companies in the way back? What does Goldmine's book say about it? Any extra value? or value at all? in the clear inner ring plastic- same on both sides- ABCD 808-B RE2-2 A2    except 808-A and 808-B. Just pulled out of storage, and noticed. 
I have a copy of Stevie Wonder's Innervisions that is labeled correctly, but side two is not Stevie. It's side two of an album by Yvonne Fair called The Bitch Is Black.