Mis-Matching Cables for Bi-Wired Speakrs

I have a 2 different pair of speaker cables and I was wondering if I ran one set of these cables to the high inputs, and one set to the low inputs, will I lose imaging quality or will there be any other adverse effects? I will be running Audioquest Crystal for the lows, and Audioquest CV-4 for the highs. Has anybody done this before? The speakers are Vandersteen 2ce Sigs.
Just try it and see how it sounds! I'm tri-wired with my setup and using AQ Midnight3 on the bass and two runs of AQ Argent bi-wired for the top-end. It works fine. Good luck!
Years back I used AudioQuest Midnight for lows and Cardas Quadlink 5 Series for highs. As the post above says, try it and see how it sounds. The only thing I would mention is both sets of wires should be the same length.
I would not suggest combining CV-4 with Crystal due to the capacitance and inductance differences between them. The cables used must either be identical, or must use essentially identical designs (like Midnight and Argent) BTW, anyone heard the new AQ cables like Volcano/ Caldera? Hasse
Hasse does not know of what he speaks.You do have it backwards though.Your better cable should be on your mids and highs and the cv 4 on the bass.
I have looked into the situation, and have found the new CV-4 Speaker wire to contain PSC (Perfect Surface Copper), where as the Crystal contains LGC (Long Grain Copper). CV-4 has a superior quality copper which is best for my mids and highs. If anyone disagrees with me, please respond, I would like to hear your point of view.