Mirage Sat VS. Klipsch RSX?

Hi Folks,

I'm brand new to the forum and wanted to post a couple questions. First off, I'm not an audiophile, but I do appreciate quality sound. I just remodeled my living room and dining room and as a result, my better half would like to "adios" our current floor and book shelf speakers to save space and have a cleaner look. As such, I'm considering the Mirage OmniSat/NanoSat or a Klipsch RSX-3/4 to mount on the walls along with an accompanying powered sub.

I would be powering the speakers with a Hafler Pro505 amp & Hafler 945 preamp. (I got these from a friend ten years ago when I listened to my music a lot louder.) I'd like to keep them, but does anyone think it would be overkill for smaller speakers like these? I am interested in a set-up that would mount two speakers in my dining room and two speakers in the connecting/adjacent living room and placing a floor sub in between the two rooms to share the bass - the opening between the two rooms about 6.5 feet wide.

I heard the Mirage sats yesterday at my local dealer and really liked them. I haven't heard the RSX's yet as the closest dealer is about an hour away. Can any of you audio vets out there offer your opinions on the strengths/weaknesses/qualities of both?

I should mention that I listen to all types of music from rock to hip-hop, jazz & classical Indian. I'm open to all ideas or recommendations.

As my 7 year-old son would say, "We need some audio in here, Dad". Thanks in advance for any info!

Never heard the Klipsch, but I have heard Omnisats. I was quite impressed with them.

Aside from sound quality, keep in mind that the Omnisats are omnipolar. You can be anywhere in the room and get consistent sound. From pictures, I note that the Klipsch are standard forward firing speakers. So they will sound quite different, and not as good, if you move off axis from the tweeters. I suspect from your post that the Omnisats are probably better suited to the application you are going to use them for because of their omnipolar design. And they do sound good.
Thanks for the response, Markphd. Because of the need for ambient sound that I can enjoy while moving about the dining and living rooms and my budget, I went with the Mirage Nanosat with their accompanying Nanosub. I'm guessing that I'll upgrade the sub, but I'll have to hear it first. I should be getting them this week.