Mirage OMD-C2 replacement for the Mirage OM-C2

I have been having problems with my Mirage OM-C2 center channel for a couple of months. My wife and I believe the tweeter is blown in the front of the speaker. The speaker is currently at an authorized repair facility. I am already preparing to buy a new center channel if the OM-C2 cannot be repaired.

My current set up consists of Mirage OM-5’s for the front right and left and Mirage OM-R2’s for the rear surrounds. The speakers are being powered by an Onkyo TX-NR906.

I have spoken with a representative from Mirage and he stated that the Mirage OMD-C2 or OMD-C1 center channel would match my OM-5’s. My question is for those that have owned the OM-C2 and transitioned to the OMD-C2 or C1 what are your thoughts on the speaker.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
I am using an OM-C2 for front center and an OM-C3 for rear center in a 6.1 setup. I just got an Onkyo 886 pre/pro and am now looking for another set of OM-R2s to replace the OM-C3. If I find a set I will be selling my OM-C3. It has hardly been used since my old receiver wouldn't use the rear center when using the 5.1 analog input. That is what I have been using for HD DVD and BR audio. Now that I have the 886 I have found out I can't use some of the audio modes unless I have a 7.1 setup. I believe that holds true for your 906 as well. The OM-C3 is a great center channel but it isn't omnipolar like the OM-C2. If your interested in it just let me know. If I find a set of R2s I will sell it.
I forget to mention one thing in my last post. Did you check to see if the 906 set the OM-C2 as large in the speaker settings?

The OM-C2 goes low but not low enough to qualify as a full range speaker. I had it set as large for a little while with my old receiver. It worked fairly well but I noticed it would distort in certain scenes. In the most recent Star Wars movie when Darth Vader rises at the end it would distort real bad. That scene is what made me set the OM-C2 to small which is what is should be set as.