Mirage M1 Speakers

What is the best way to isolate Mirage M1 speakers from a  floor with no carpet? My friend had wall to wall carpet,  but now he removed the carpet.
Cool speakers...

How about a small piece of carpet/padding (similar/same as before) and whatever footers were being used?

Assuming that your friend is now using an area rug (or rugs).

This said - bring on the springs.



4 x squash balls could work, they’re heavy enough to almost squash them flat???
Great speaker btw if everything is still working good, had many a good time with these, they want heaps of room behind and to the sides.

Cheers George

He wants to isolate not couple, probably because he has a suspended floor.
And you really need to isolate from suspended floors with big bass speakers like these, otherwise if coupled, the floor becomes a "sound board" also and muddies the bass.

Cheers George
The stability provided by the Sound City outriggers and isolating the speakers from the floor are two separate (but admittedly related) issues. As I have said before about the Townshend Seismic Pods, they may be used in place of the spikes provided with outriggers, and to great benefit. A set of the Pods used with an outrigger-style base is a great combo. As good as the Townshend Speaker Podium? I don't know, but much cheaper!
The Townsend Isolation Bars look really good, but I don't think my friend wants to spend that much money. I'll check out the Sound City outriggers.Thanks.
Check out Herbie's Audio Lab threaded gliders. They would be in the similar price range to the Sound O' City outriggers. You just need to know the thread pitch of the inserts in the base of the M-1s. Great speakers by the way. They do like a lot of quality power and need some room around them as mentioned above.
I would use a stone or raised wood platform but the stone will work wonders the raised wood platform will be harder to achieve but you can tailor the amount of absorption based on what you fill the platform with.


Now without being a mega $$$$$ "Audio Ripoff" they look good, for a de-coupler.
As you don’t want that Mirage M1 to be coupled to a suspended floor in any way. If you did couple it to the floor will become a sound board, and then you can say goodbye to a tight clean bass.

Cheers George