Mirage BPS-400 subwoofer or something new?

I have an offer to purchase a bps-400 for $550. Has the technology advanced on subwoofers in the last 7 years to make this speaker outdated?
In my humble opinion this is a very good sub especially if you have a large room. Mirage made some nice subs (mighty M is how I referred to my sub when I had one).
I now use a REL Strata III because of their speaker level connection set up which works best for me, but if I recall the bps-400 had all the connection options you could ever need.

Are you really in the Atlanta area?

I am. I have a BPS-400 that I would gladly sell you for $250 and you pick it up at my house in Stone Mountain.

I upgraded to an SVS Ultra a while back but the 400 puts out some very nice clean bass if you dial it in.

This looks like a win-win deal

I'll email you.