Miracles in Audio, by luck, by good choices,by design or by tweaking...

I owned a low cost headphone for many years, the Fostex TH7B, first version( a new one close version exist Fostex TH7BK), semi-open headphone...I was never completely satisfied by any headphones I ever owned: Hifiman 400, Stax basic lamda, Stax 5 gold,Akg 340,Akg 701, beyerdynamic 990, and T150... Because in each of them with all their qualities I never listen to at the same times, a confortable headphone with natural timbre and voicing, with a good imaging and a realistic soundstage(not too close to my ears)...

For the last days I tweaked this Fostex, to damp his internal resonance I used sorbothane, I put some shungite stones at the exterior part of the cups and I use some Herkimer diamond in the interior pads( 3 at 120 degree) … Now this low cost headphones crush all my others if I sum all his qualities... For example his mids and voicing cannot beat the AKG 340 but among all my other headphones it is the best that is near that mids and it is more confortable, and with longer cable than the 340...His imaging is better and more realistic than the 340 etc etc...It is the same if I compare with the others...

His most important qualities is natural timbre and clear imaging,very precise pinned point accuracy and natural, so clear it crush for that ALL the others to dust...In the French audio circle the reviews were more than very positive few years ago...Diapason d’or and choc Classica...I am not the only one impressed buy the ratio quality/price... But remember that thesae reviewers dont tweak their headphone...The difference between before and after the tweaks are staggering...

Yes Miracles happens in Audio: cost is under 100 American dollars... Few years ago they cost me 50 bucks new... I never dreamed that I will go back to headphones...

I will enjoy your miracles stories of any kind ….My best to all...
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My latest experiments have me more convinced then ever - chrysocolla is the mother of all audio minerals.

That I have tried :)
The artificial or synthetic Chrysocolla?
No - it's natural chrysocolla sand from Right Rocks.
They sell a 1/4 pound of sand 72 dollars us... I just ordered 500 beads for less than 10 bucks in China I planned to make my own sand … : )

Guess what? I always dreamed to be called "the sandmaker".   :)

My wife begins to think too much about the cost of many stones orders here.... :)
Some crystals resonate more with some people than others. That’s kind of why crystals are assigned vibration numbers. We covered that a couple weeks ago. That was Crystals 101.

Now, from what I can gather, there are physical characteristics of crystals, like unique symmetrical crystal structure that affect the sound more directly, but there are also crystals also have metaphysical properties that may be responsible, at least in part, for what one hears by affecting the listener consciously or subconsciously rather than by affecting the audio system. The listener cannot distinguish between the purely physical influence of crystals and their metaphysical influence. It all results in the perception of better sound. Also, keep in mind there are bad places for crystals, too. Be ever vigilant! 😛 That will be covered in Crystals 301.
Acknowledged Geoff Thanks...
Here’s a new twist. 🕺🏻 A recent venture into the dark kinky world of vibration isolation a couple of years ago resulted in my “Woody the Woodpecker” Isolation Stand. This stand emulated the special physical and functional characteristics of a woodpecker’s head, which evolved over who knows how long? My iso stand combines (1) a bed of tiny glass micro beads (woodpecker head tissue, extremely round and hard), (2) a container of bamboo (woodpecker head bone) and constrained layer damping for the feet (woodpecker connecting ligaments). These special characteristics of the woodpecker’s prevent injury or death whilst he pecks on trees for insects. The woodpecker’s head encounters enormously high negative g’s, around 1000 g’s. 😬
I had the same idea some years ago ! wow! 

 Minus some differences :)

My platform isolation sandwiches:

(1) quartz pieces for the Woodpecker head bone that serve me as feet for the gear (yes the pecker is on his head!)

(2) Bamboo and cork for his brain tissue

(3)granite plate+sorbothane for is regular bones and ligaments
So, I got the idea from you! Whoa! That’s what I call Morphic resonance in action! 
Yes! We are connected for the better or worst …. :)
I see what you mean. 👀
I use Fo.Q TA-32 tape once for my headphone Fostex to damp the resonance with success, the tape enhance the highs frequencies audibly better... I use also sorbothane like I have already said...

I think that the Fo.Q tape use micro crystals...I am not sure...

On my just obtained SONY MDR V700 headphones, which I just took out of the freezer after a 48 hour deep freeze, I am using PWB WHITE Spiratube cable wrap, PWB Cream Electret, PWB Morphic Green Cream, Machina Dynamica Morphic Message Labels, PWB Quantum Clip, PWB Purple Pen on cable mini plug and PWB Rainbow MagnaBlock. Better safe 😃 than sorry. 😭 My Two WHITE 6’ USB to USB cables for the two BLACK SR USB devices ARE out of deep freeze and in place as we speak. I am now burning in the SONY V700’s using Track 9 on the XLO Test CD.
The results? I am curious even if I cannot dream to afford all this PWB products... Have you tested freezing a device separately for verification of the effect? I think you have for sure, but I will wait for your results and answer...This is a thread about miracles in audio...:)
Thanks for asking. I was one of the very first in the country, probably the world, to experiment extensively with both deep cryo and home deep freeze for all manner of audio stuff, from cables to CDs to LPs to CD players, hardware for my Sub Hertz Nimbus isolator,  and beyond. That was more than twenty years ago. Now cryo labs are a cottage industry.
How 24 hours deep freeze in my fridge compare to cryogenic freezing? Is the effect of this freezing longtime or shortime effect?
All thermodynamic processes are irreversible. Home freezer technique 48 hrs is say, 75-80 % of deep cryo. However - and this part is very hush hush 🤫 - the home freezer technique involves Morphic resonance at some level so, once you get into it, and learn the tricks of the trade, the home freezer technique - even though there is such a large temperature difference between -10 degrees F and -300 degrees F - can be made very powerful, more powerful than deep cryo IMHO. It’s a lot like alchemy. 😬

geoff kait
machina dynamica
advanced audio concepts
How normal freezing can be more powerful than deep cryo? what do you make for that? 
 I am interested for sure...
Unfortunately the explanation is beyond scope of this discussion. Even if it wasn’t it’s a very long story. It’s not easy to explain, either.  But the key is that cryogenic and home freezing processes involve Morphic resonance in addition to straightforward physical science. This idea of information fields and low temperatures is perhaps best demonstrated by the notorious Photos in the Freezer Tweak. Of course, the idea that the home freezer can be made more powerful than -300 deep cryo is blasphemy to every audiophile who thinks all tweaks are snake oil and believes “sound engineering principles” are the golden path to audio Nirvana.

Future Man 👹
Geoff I am not the average audiophile, and I want to know what makes the normal freezing more efficient?

 To use morphic resonance in the process of using normal freezing implicate that I take the photo of … something that I put in the freezer or what? 
It’s complicated. There is no simple answer. A lot of it is classified.

The Photos in the Freezer Tweak is simple. Place two photos of yourself, one a younger photo and the other a more recent photo in separate clear ziplock bags. With a fine tip RED PEN write on one side of each ziplock bag,


and on the other side with RED PEN write,

‘x 26 ‘x

Note that x is lower case.

Place the finished two ziplock bags with photos in the freezer and keep them there.

Then listen to some things you’re familiar with and see if the sound is improved. You do not have to wait until the photos are frozen. If you are not sure if the sound improved, try taking the photos out of the freezer and listen again without the photos. If you hear the sound as improved with the photos IN the freezer you can leave them there.
The photo in the freezer I know already.... I am interested by what makes the normal freezing process equal to a cryo one, modulo the morphic resonance; what can I do to elicit this morphic resonance to activate the normal freezing process?
As I said the photos in the freezer illustrates that freezing things is not entirely what it appears to be - realignment of atoms or whatever - there must be something else going on. At least that should be your conclusion if you got results with the photos in the freezer. The technique of using a home freezing can be improved by treating the freezer, the power cord and what is inside the freezer. AND what’s in the system and what’s in all the rooms! Again, it’s not something that can be explained in a few sentences or even paragraphs. Have you tried the photos in the freezer tweak or just heard about it?
Mahgister - I started first by crushing my own powders. It’s very much more difficult than I thought it would be. I’m sure you’ll be able to do it better than me, but if you plan to use a mallet be absolutely sure to wear protective goggles. Whichever way you do it, always use a face mask. There are health dangers in working with crushed stone, particularly quartz of any variety. Crushing your own stones can create extremely fine (sub-micron sized) and very sharp particles.
With one small bag of pre-crushed stone from Right Rocks, I could create 500 CrystalTops. I only need about 10 of them for my own system. For me it’s by far worth it to buy the stuff already crushed and sorted into regular sized sand or powder.
I also buy crushed stone from China at much cheaper prices, and they are very good. But they don’t have chrysocolla.
Ok  Geoff I think I understand even what you dont want to told me profusely....You are pointing the direction rightfully and I understand your point perfectly.... Thanks Geoff
Whostolethebatmobile, you made me think about all the problems of making that powder :)

Perhaps I will try that and buy you some after....

This is my china site for that :


They are incredibly cheap. But crushing and sieving those beads by hand would be a nightmare. 
Kyanite (Al2Sio5, aluminium silicate) is stunning as well. But it has to be crushed by hand, and even when it’s crushed it is prickly. It would have to be hidden under something else or the sharp crystal points could be a problem when handled.
Cool! after virtually no response for a few days, suddenly 4 Audiogon members have asked for the free CrystalTop sample pack with free postal delivery. That makes 6 sample packs left, for any other interested members. Just request a pack here or by Audiogon private message to me. After that, I will go back to the lab (ie laundry) and make some new recipes. The originals will be collectors items forever.
I’m actually against the whole idea of chopping crystals up into little pieces. 😱 Crystals are “living things.” They have a beauty and functionality that is inherent in their original condition and size. Some of the most beautiful and effective crystals I use in Brilliant Pebbles are rough (natural) medium to large size crystals. I use tumbled stones, too. I have three sizes of Brilliant Pebbles, each size intended for a set of applications - each size contains a number of crystal types. As I mentioned somewhere along the line, the use of different crystal types together in the same device extends its effective bandwidth. Thus, if you like two particular crystal types, put them together and they will probably be more effective.

The size of crystals required for certain applications is a function of energy problem. Thus, in room corners, where one encounters extremely high sound pressure levels, small or chopped up crystal bits just won’t cut it, so to speak. The same goes for using crystals on the top of speaker cabinets or the top of tube traps, where large crystals are required. The smaller Mikro and Mini Brilliant Pebbles are great on glass windows and doors, on walls, in proximity to small vacuum tubes, on top of CD players directly over the spinning disc and other applications.
The crystals I use died of old age before being crushed. Think of it as a glorious re-birth.
More like after birth. 😀
Tumbling crystals is cruel. After weeks of slow torture in the "iron drum", the crystal victim suffers an eternity of rolling helplessly around in a deformed, un-natural condition, being laughed at by real crystals. I would never do that to a crystal in my care. I prefer a quick hammer blow to the crystal skull, and it’s all over quickly, with no suffering.
Which would you rather do, go tumble on an amusement park ride or get the Khashoggi treatment? 😩
I'm terrified of amusement park rides, so I'll take the treatment. I don't know how to add an emoji, but there's supposed to be one here-> x
Geoff are you serious? The 2 methods are different and the 2 had probably some advantage... First I know firsthand that plain rocks had an effect, in solo or in group at some location, that I know firsthand like you... But I know also that the effect even if it is there, audible, may be subtle to discern...It is the reason why, if the effect is there but faint or small, that I decide to cabled the stones, that’s works ,and that’s works more with batteries...

But using the powder rocks or crystals powder that is not news; the first times I read about that, I bought a tuning Fo.Q tape to try... That’s works also... Then alive or dead (crushed) the stones and crystals rocks anyway... Give it a try an "humbly" ask for a samplers to test, science first, EGO second....
Somebody’s not paying attention. Somebody’s also putting words in my mouth I never said. Cheers from your friendly local theoretical physicist. 🤗
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geoffkait I apologize totally if I put some words in your mouth, sometimes I react swiftly and your humor is not for low IQ like mine... :)

Elizabeth I am glad that  shungite works for you,but now if you want to compensate a bit and improve you can try a  black tourmaline chunk near the shungite + an Herkimer diamond to enhance the 2 stones, try to put the Herkimer on top of the shungite or on top of the tourmaline with blutak and see what works for you...
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The central electrical panel of the house is a good place to put few shungite tiles to  tame the noise and the effect is not subtle at all by the way....If you have access to this panel  for sure...
Until tonight I was never aware how much EMF is entering at the back of a tonearm. I created a shungite blocking hood for the back half of my Kuzma 4-point 9 tonearm, and nearly fell out of my (rocking) chair when I played a record.
I am not surprized at all...I dont have a turntable now, I listen only files from computer.... But 1 pound 1/2 of shungite on my computer tame it ... Too much music that will make crumble my house if this music was solid state vintage vinyl... :)
@mahgister, @whostolethebatmobile - just to mention or remind you I invented the teeny tiny crystals for audio. 20 years ago. Mikro Brilliant Pebbles. Power to the Pebble!! 🤗

As Noah Cross tells Jake Gittes over lunch at the Albatross in the movie Chinatown, You might think you know what’s going on but, believe me, you don’t.
It is noted Geoff in my book … But my approval and interest comment about powered stones are not a rebuke of your own experiments and trade...:)

I’m actually against the whole idea of chopping crystals up into little pieces. 😱

Until tonight I was never aware how much EMF is entering at the back of a tonearm. I created a shungite blocking hood for the back half of my Kuzma 4-point 9 tonearm, and nearly fell out of my (rocking) chair when I played a record.

Or it could just be vibration. 😬 I’m also not sure you mean EMF. 

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08-16-2019 8:57amgeoffkait I apologize totally if I put some words in your mouth, sometimes I react swiftly and your humor is not for low IQ like mine... :)

I must have been too subtle as it was not intended to be humorous. 😳