Miracles in Audio, by luck, by good choices,by design or by tweaking...

I owned a low cost headphone for many years, the Fostex TH7B, first version( a new one close version exist Fostex TH7BK), semi-open headphone...I was never completely satisfied by any headphones I ever owned: Hifiman 400, Stax basic lamda, Stax 5 gold,Akg 340,Akg 701, beyerdynamic 990, and T150... Because in each of them with all their qualities I never listen to at the same times, a confortable headphone with natural timbre and voicing, with a good imaging and a realistic soundstage(not too close to my ears)...

For the last days I tweaked this Fostex, to damp his internal resonance I used sorbothane, I put some shungite stones at the exterior part of the cups and I use some Herkimer diamond in the interior pads( 3 at 120 degree) … Now this low cost headphones crush all my others if I sum all his qualities... For example his mids and voicing cannot beat the AKG 340 but among all my other headphones it is the best that is near that mids and it is more confortable, and with longer cable than the 340...His imaging is better and more realistic than the 340 etc etc...It is the same if I compare with the others...

His most important qualities is natural timbre and clear imaging,very precise pinned point accuracy and natural, so clear it crush for that ALL the others to dust...In the French audio circle the reviews were more than very positive few years ago...Diapason d’or and choc Classica...I am not the only one impressed buy the ratio quality/price... But remember that thesae reviewers dont tweak their headphone...The difference between before and after the tweaks are staggering...

Yes Miracles happens in Audio: cost is under 100 American dollars... Few years ago they cost me 50 bucks new... I never dreamed that I will go back to headphones...

I will enjoy your miracles stories of any kind ….My best to all...
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They blindfolded a pledge in college and told him they were going to brand his arm with a hot branding iron as part of his initiation into the fraternity. They showed him the hot coals with the the branding iron Glowing Red Hot in the coals just before applying the blindfold. Then they told him, now we’re going to brand you, but instead of the branding iron they held an ice cube to his arm for three seconds and put the hot branding iron on a piece of raw liver at the same time so that the blindfolded college dude was convinced he was really being branded. When his blindfold was removed he and everyone was surprised to see a huge welt on his farm, the kind of welt that only a branding iron would make.
People have certain beliefs because that’s what they choose to believe. - Pewee Herman
I never claimed or even suggested shungite was piezoelectric. Only crystals can be piezoelectric. So, there’s that. But my point seems to have gone wooosh! over your head because shungite can not (rpt not) act on EM waves by shielding or absorption because the entire component would have to covered with shungite. RF would simply do and end run around the shungite. 🏈

Shungite is not like a Bounty Towel, the Quicker Picker Upper. So what left? Well, there is placebo effect. Don’t get me wrong. I would not object to a placebo effect every once in a while. It occurs to me the latest and greatest audiophile products employ Graphene, not shungite. But maybe there is a market for shungite, too. Let’s wait and see. 👀

Pop quiz! 🤗 What do Graphene, shungite, graphite and carbon fiber all have in common?
But do you believe the shungite plates are preventing RF from entering the router box and thus from entering the audio circuits? Do you believe the shungite plates are somehow absorbing RF that may be inside the router box? Be very careful before answering. 😀
The home telephone system, land line or cellphone, is not connected to the audio system AC power lines. It looks like you’ve unwittingly stumbled onto embedding no. 4 - Information fields. 😬 The most insidious and rampant embedding of them all! You can’t escape it and you can’t detect it. They’re coming in through the TV, too, like the little girl in the movie The Ring. Be afraid, be very afraid!

It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination.
Many years ago a very wise man named Bernard Baruch took me aside and put his arm around my shoulder. "Harpo my boy," he said, "I'm going to give you three pieces of advice, three things you should always remember." My heart jumped and I glowed with expectation. I was going to hear the magic password to a rich, full life from the master himself. "Yes sir?" I said. And he told me the three things. I regret that I've forgotten what they were. - Harpo Marx
OK, I’ll bite. Why not? Is it crouching tigers, flying lizards?
OMG! That was a close one! For a second I thought you were going to say you put a photo in your freezer. 🥶
It’s human nature to become more and more attached to one’s own ingenuity and to embrace his results and conclusions with great fervor. But, I caution you, gentle readers, one must be open minded at all times and ready to change directions at the drop of a hat 🎩 It can be quite difficult to break out of the lower energy orbit into a higher energy orbit. As John Lennon advised, there is nothing to get hung about. Sometimes we benefit from taking a break from our daily routines. As Groucho Marx advised to his guest with ten children, I like my cigar but I take it out sometimes. 
I am waiting, waiting for someone to come out of somewhere.

Get smart, get well, hang around the ink well.

Sometimes to create you must first destroy.

Made the scene, week to week
Day to day, hour to hour
The gate is straight
Deep and wide
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side
Break on through, break on through
Break on through, break on through
I dare say we’re entering The Teleportation Tweak territory, men. I have been counseling lo these many years telephones 📞 and cellphones 📱 are bad news for the sound. Imagine how bad the sound is in a room at CES filled with a bunch of people with cellphones. 😩
Most likely the Himalayan salt lamps are placebos. They look pretty, though. Such a nice color of pink. 
“Because it’s what I choose to believe.” - Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, Chief Science Officer, Prometheus

I promise I will go back and read your entire post, mahgister. 😃
Sometime we should sit down and have a nice long talk about the difference between damping and isolation. This is not to say I don’t like your idea of throwing everything at the problem except the kitchen sink. 🤗
Since I am unable to go back that far in time, IIRC the Berning amp sounded quite good (why wouldn’t it? 😬), even when he was starting out. If memory serves I sold the Berning EA-230 and got a modified Fisher 500c receiver from Bruce Wenger, remember, Berning’s neighbor. The Fisher 500c was outfitted with aircraft output tubes, a more robust PS and other niceties. That is all ancient history, and crystals, intelligent chips, spooky clocks and springy things were not yet a gleam in my eye 👁
You might be interested to know I bought a prototype David Berning amp, if I recall it was EA- 230 some 40 years ago. Berning lived just down the street in MD from Bruce Wenger, (now BWS Consulting in Arlington, VA), another high end amp designer, whose high power Class A tube mono-blocks and power supplies tip the scales at 600 lbs, shipping weight.

- Your humble scribe and audio insider from the future.
Somebody hasn’t heard of the Hierarchy of Sound. I won’t mention any names. The gist of it is, a tweaked inexpensive system can be made to sound better than an un-tweaked moderate price system. And a tweaked moderate price system can be made to sound better than an un-tweaked expensive system. The only constraints are the ones you bring with you. 
Sorry, the “synchronization” of the Schumann generators doesn’t make sense. If it doesn’t make sense it’s not true. It would be like trying to synchronize some clocks in the room to all give the same time all the time. Since the accuracy/precision of the Schumann frequency devices appears to be an issue with them, then I’d say the pathway to the stars is by obtaining more accurate generators and isolating them. You may have to apply damping as well. I suspect your imagination and or your English translation might be a possible culprit in this. 🤗
You jumped the gun. I was still composing. 😀
As I’ve been saying all along the Schumann device is subject to outside influences. Such as low frequency seismic vibration. Other examples? OK, fuses, cables, vacuum tubes, CD players, turntables. There’s no end to it. 🔚 There’s nothing new under the sun. ☀️ I hate to judge before all the facts are in but this is starting to look like a fairly obvious case of not invented here. 😛
It was all explained rather simply almost 20 years ago. There is no need for all the metaphysical drama, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I give you A for enthusiasm. 🤗
My new addition, well, one of my new additions, is Double-sided adhesive *highly conductive* metal-cloth tape. The tape is copper/nickel + high-conductivity acrylic. A Big roll, free shipping from China, from eBay. I lost confidence in the adhesive backing that comes with the shungite plates. Of course, the adhesive for the shungite needs to be highly conductive. In any case, the metal cloth tape seems to better than the rubbery adhesive - I.e., more conductive. I removed the original adhesive with isopropyl alcohol, then apply a one-inch section of tape. Voila!

My new configuration for 2 BLACK Schumann doohickies is one eCard on one side, one shungite plate with Flying Saucer on the other side, using the metal-cloth tape for attaching to the SR. All isolated with 1 Hz suspension. I’m also using stacked eCards, two per side, all of which are charged for 2 days on breaker box, on my Sony MDR-700v headphones. As usual, I have a bunch of simultaneous experiments going on so I’m not 100%, maybe only 92%.

I return you now to your regular channels.
Yer darn tootin’!
I’m just guessing he’s referring to Wojciehowicz on the old Barney Miller Tv show. But I could be wrong.
Something about tie dyed. Is he talking about t-shirts? That’s kind of weird. 
I’d be very careful if I were you. Have you given any thought to what your family would say? Hey, Dad, what’s the deal with your photos in here? And what’s with all the writing on the photos? x’26’x ? ‘x = PRESENT TIME ? SAFE HOLE = O. K. What the hell is this?? Dad!! 😬
If you think the powered grid of stones is close to the freakiness of the photos in the freezer tweak you must be thinking of a different photos in the freezer tweak than I am. It’s a freak out! 😲 But I can certainly understand your reticence in talking about such things. Boo! 🤗
I guess the photos in the freezer tweak is too freaky for you. It’s free. Hel-loo! 🤗
Confucius say man who talks to self has captive audience.
Oh, speaking of photos, I trust you know about the photos in the freezer tweak, yes?
That would certainly explain a lot. 🤪
Only in my toothpaste. 😬
OK, Mommy. 😛

If only you could hear what I’ve heard with my ears. 
Did you maybe mean the Last Placebo Syndrome? 😬  At this rate if you keep going you’ll have all the crystals in one Mikro Brilliant Pebbles. I bet you didn’t see that coming. 🤗
Beware the Last Tweak Syndrome! This ironic and paradoxical syndrome oft occurs when audiophiles believe they’ve discovered a secret pathway to the stars such as Dr. Ellie Arroway found with the alien transported that bypassed ordinary time-consuming space travel by utilizing the services of a wormhole. 

The Last Tweak Syndrome seems to occur for tweakers who, after a X number of tweaks believe they have suddenly arrived at Heaven’s pearly gate or have at least arrived at a good getting off place. This feeling of self-accomplishment and the feeling that all future attempts will prove fruitless 🍎 🍉 grows stronger with each successful tweak. Beware, gentle readers, this Is a trap! The Last Tweak Syndrome is akin to mountain sickness, preventing you from climbing higher and higher. Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead! Remember the little train that could. I think I can, I think I can. Toot! Toot! 🚂
I’m very happy for you, I’m confident you are light years ahead of where you started out. Of course it probably goes without saying everything is relative. A lot of early settlers in America who traveled across country in covered wagons looking for Xanadu, enduring great hardships along, the way decided, “What the hell, Enough is Enough! I’m settling here in the Midwest.” No one can blame them. We all have different futures. 😁 Happy Gnu Year! 🐃
It might not be feasible for you to elevate all the SR to a minimum height of 1m50cm but according to what everyone says, including the Grand Wazoo, Acoustic Revive, that is the correct minimum height. Sorry to be bearer of bad Gnus.
Have you had time to isolate your new BLACK USB Schumann Thingamabob yet? What height do you have it? Just curious 🤔
Thank you for the comments but actually I’m referring to having to deal with so many changes and tweaks going on almost all the time.  Frequently it isn’t really feasible for me anyway to do things one at a time as you suggest, as nice as that would be. As the little mice in the movie Babe say, that’s the way things are. 🐭 🐭 🐭

mahgister OP
OK.... Perhaps if you add one tweak at a times you will give to yourself and others some assessment about each one effects....

>>>>Thanks for the tip. But life is too short. 😢 At the same time good luck to you and best wishes for the Gnu Year! 🤗
I just bid on some Herkimer diamonds from China. Better safe than sorry. 
Thanks for reminding me, I also have Mikro Brilliant Pebbles packs of crystals (includes diamond) on both wall plugs for the BLACK USB devices. 🤗
I just reinstalled one Mat and 4 Cards in the system after giving them two days in the breaker box to “charge” them up, as it were, as suggested in the threads on such products. The charged up Mat went under the Sony Walkman CD player, which is on a special spring based iso stand, Fr circa 2 Hz. 

Two Cards went on my Sony DMR-700v headphones and the other two Cards went on my two BLACK USB Schumann devices. I also attached a Golden shungite plate to each BLACK USB device for good measure. The BLACK USB devices are isolated mechanically via suspension and are located at height of 60 inches. Better safe than sorry. 

I should mention I also recently treated all contacts of the BLACK USB device including wall outlet with Total Contact, the Graphene contact enhancer, so those contacts are still breaking in. Nevertheless all these recent changes have wrought a big boost in dimensionality, dynamics, resolution and naturalness. I shan’t attempt to ascribe effect to causes however, although the charging of the Mat was an obvious big effect.
I shall be trying eCards on my Black Schumann USB devices as soon as I finish cooking them in the breaker box. Stand by for blast off. Nine, eight, seven... 🚀
Next up, perhaps: isolate the Black USB SR AND obtain correct minimum height of 1m50cm (53 inches) above floor by using a 2m USB cable suspended by string from a hook on the wall without letting the Black USB SR or the USB touch the wall. All SR should be at least 1m50cm (53 inches) high.

Also, as I’ve oft counseled try using your crystals for resonance control - on glass windows and sliding doors, on top of power cord plugs, on top of or INSIDE speakers, on top of CD player, on top of RCA connectors on interconnects, on top of any tube trap or output transformer.
Yes, that’s why I’m suggesting you’re hearing the foils, not the shungite. Customer no. had crystals and foils already. We did not place the shungite near electronics. Also, remember the foils are directional, so that’s adds another variable, sadly. 😢 
You said earlier today that two shungite plates on the USB SR were too many. So that is a case where golden shungite hurt the sound. So, maybe there are other cases where shungite hurts the sound. I want to believe. By the way I spoke to a customer in Italy yesterday, a recording engineer who told me he heard a lot of buzz about shungite, maybe it was right here on Audiogon, what are the chances?, and that he tried it but it didn’t ring his bell 🔔

I am determined to get to the bottom of it of course. Also I took some of the copper foiled shungite plates to my customer no. 1 two days ago who promptly observed the sound didn’t breathe with the shungite in the room. The breath of the sound returned when I removed the Golden shungite.

Nevertheless I’m keeping an open mind. But not so open my brains fall out because that’s messy and hard to clean up. I’m sitting right on the fence for now. I’m baking some Cards and a Mat in the breaker box for several days and I will hop right back on the shungite project afterward.
You can tune your system. You can tune a piano. You can even tune a car. One thing you can’t do is tuna fish. 🐟
I’m not 100% but IICR you have Blue USB devices from Hong Kong. I have the Blacks. There are the size of a USB flash drive. Is that true or do I have to eat more fish? 🐟
Recall I have two usb Schumann devices the size of your little finger. The way I figure it the shungite doesn’t do anything, heaven forbid, the mass of thin shungite 2x3 plates will lower the resonance frequency little bit on the VERY elastic suspensions I have the usb dojobbers on so it’s all good! 🤗 🤗 🤗