Miracast not working on new Yamaha BD-S677 bluray player - Please advise me

I have a new Yamaha BD-S677 bluray player w/ Miracast.  While it sounds great w/ movies and music, I can't seem to get my new Droid Turbo Android phone to connect to the Yamaha for Miracast.

The process is to push the Miracast button on the Yamaha remote, then I have 60sec to link my new Droid Turbo Android phone with Miracast to it. Directions say to go into Settings > Display > Cast Screen on my Android phone. I only get a notice 'no device detected', even when only 1' away from the player.

Has anyone else have this problem? Or what am I doing wrong?
Is the transport bluetooth or wifi?  
It's bluray player w/ wi-fi for network and miracast for mirroring android phone screen.


I don't know anything about the network setup interface on your Yamaha, but I'd check to see if it has an IP address through your router.  Though, if you can stream netflix and pandora through it, the networks setup is probably ok.  

Also, another thing to check is signal strength of your wireless at the location that you are attempting to connect.    
Thanks, you may be on to something.

I called yamaha and they said it doesn’t need a network for miracast. I stopped by bestbuy and ran into a young lad their and he said even if doesn’t use the network it uses the router to connect; I don’t have one yet. Thinking of getting the Netgear R6220 1200ac router for a 2 story 1700sf townhome. Will this be adaquate?
I hope it’s the lack of router that is the problem, as I really like the sound this player is producing...really top notch for music and movies.
Ah ok. I think I get what’s going on after doing some reading. Miracast creates an ad-hoc wireless network, so you’ll likely have to connect to it through your phone. So, search for wireless networks on your phone and you should find the yamaha.

You don’t need a router or wireless network for your home. Essentially the yamaha is providing the access point. Here’s more info:


Thanks that is all done plus the 'wireless display' is enabled on the ’Cast screen’. The problem was even though I don’t use wi-fi yet, the setting has to be enabled in the phone. Now it works. The only caveat is I can only see screens and photos on my phone displayed on the tv. It's a very cool feature the the quality is excellent.

Since I don’t have wi-fi yet, soon to come though, I can’t stream anything from aps using only Verizon’s network w/o wi-fi. As a test I ’turned off wi-fi’ and the screen went black saying ’device disconnected’. So now I know I can connect, but will need wi-fi to view anything meaningful.

Looks like a wireless router is my next investment. Modern HT can be a bit complicated...but I’m having fun with learning newer technoloy. The question is how to make it easy for my wife.