Mint Tractor

I purchased a VPI Scout TT with JM 9 tone arm and Clear Audio Virtuoso wood cartridge and set it up accordingly. I have a EAR 834P Phono amp which runs to a Cary SLP05 Pre. Initially the sound was not good. I was disappointed. I have a Cary 306 CD and guess I was looking for the "Better sound through vinyl" that I'm always hearing about. I purchased the Mint Tractor alignment tool and although time consuming and tedious, WOW. Although settings were off from the manufacturers very slightly, (maybe 1/32 of an inch) when I was finished the difference just blew me away. The lows and highs came in and it was a totally different machine. Very comprable to the 306
Couldn't agree more. This tool has garnered many coverts here as I'm sure you know. Now you can keep it in alignment by periodically rechecking. You'll have better sound than many who've spent many thousands more. That's what's cool about analogue.

The Mint Tractor is the most cost-effective upgrade for any analogue set up. After the set up is complete, it all sounds as if there was a major turntable, arm or cartridge upgrade, without the major monetary expense of course.



I was very skeptical of the Mint...I set the table up very carefully with the VPI protractor, and much to my amazement, the results was very much better after I readjusted with the Mint. It wasn't very far off with the VPI, but the difference was/is amazing with the Mint
Thanks for the thread, just bought mine. Interesting tips on the VPI 16.5 on the website.