Mint Protractor

I am just starting to fiddle around with cartridge set up on my own and was wondering does a custom Mint protractor also allow you to set proper overhang?
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Yes, it will, provided the Protractor is properly made for the Tonearm it is being used for, and that that Arm has been properly mounted, at its correct Spindle-Pivot Distance.

There is a bit of "play", if your headhsell Slots can account for a slight measuring-mounting error.
(ie: let's say you bought a protractor that is 211mm S-P, and your arm is actually 212mm, or 210mm, you can then likely compensate at the headshells slots)

How overhang is accomplished with the MintLP Protractor, is by tracing the Arc, from outer, to inner distance. When the Stylus will perfectly trace that Arc completely, then overhang will be correct, and spot on.

Much more accurate IMO, than a Universal Sight Line Type protractor, where there can be error in interpretations of the sightline. Mark
I suggest reading up on arc-style protractors. That is what the MintLP is.
thanks all that makes a good bit of sense.I thought that was the case with the MIntLP Protractor but could not find it spelled out anywhere
It will do everything needed. It is turntable AND tonearm specific so you need to let YIP know what you have. I have a Linn Sondek 12 with a Linn Ittok II tonearm and since all Linn tonearms are the same effective length I can still use it if I go to an Ekos or another Linn tonearm. You need LOTS of light (like maybe do it outside) good eyes, and as much magnification as you can get. The first time took me 2-3 hours (and some beer) After that, you can do the job in about 45 minutes or less. I think it is a great tool. What arm and table are you going to use it for? Good luck.. and if you are doing the job for someone else tell them to be patient.. or become one.
Already ordered the MintLp Protractor and a 10x loop. They should ship on the 28th. My table is a Pro-Ject 2 Xperience with the 9c arm and I have an Ortofon HMC 20 Cartridge. As for good eyes luckily I was blessed with better than 20/20 and I also happen to have a slight case of o.c.d.. I would imagine most analog lovers on here do.