mint best tractor gone?

Searched online but the web address takes me to a page of "related links". Is there a new website or is Yip out of business. It seems that just a couple of months ago I could find it.
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I really hoped to use a Mint protractor for my newly built rig. I spent three months earlier this year inquiring about two tonearms and never got a response. I had to conclude he was no longer in business.
I sure hope this is not true! The Mint Tracker has to be the best setup device ever created!
I will also try to contact him.
My website is now having some problem and I am making contact to my webhost for the problem.

I hope my website will go back to service very soon.

Thank you all for the kind support!
great news yip! We love your Mint tractors!
Yes, that is great news. What a scare! Perhaps I need to order spares. This was quite the wake-up call!
Let us know when things are back up and running Yip!
Great news Yip! Keep up the good work!
I thought it looked like some sort of a domain name issue.
That is great news. I just got a new table and will be ordering a protractor when you site is back up.
One of the best products in all of audio, made and supported by one of the best people in all of audio. Glad to hear you're not going away!