Mint 4B3 (2018 model) used price suggestions?

4B3 info missing from the bluebook. Audiogon rep suggested I asked here. What do you think?
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OK, I give. What is a 4B3?
Dohhh! Eh... I suppose indicating which brand it is would help.

I meant Bryston 4B3 (cubed) amp. 
Earlier this year, I was fortunate to get a dealer-demo-clearance 4B3 for $2750. This is an unusually low price. A good price used is between $3500 and $4000 (IMO).


as above $3500 to $4000 is fair market value.

Happy Listening!

 The Blue book is basically useless...
$2750 wow. I think I might have actually seen that one online. Crazy deal.