Minnesota, Audio Society of

Serving the twin cities, monthly meetings and newsletter. Website at:

The Audio Society of Minnesota.

I am an audiphile living in Duluth. Are you strickly a
Twin Cities club? Tell me more about the society if you could. Thanks, Jim Gerjets
I live here in the Minnetonka area, and am interested in joining.
Thanks, Mike
New website for the Audio Society of Minnesota is:


The Radio Museum in Minneapolis (St Louis Park actually), is the Greatest "clubhouse" you will ever see!
Hey, I'm in northwest Iowa, not too far away. Anyone else in this area (Emmetsburg, Spencer), an audiohed???

I live in Saint Paul. Wish to join!

jas carpender
Anyone from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area is welcome to join the Minnesota Audio Society. It's best to do a google search under "Minnesota Audio Society" to find the web site.

On the site, you will find all the information needed to join the Audio Society. In a nut shell, the fees are only $20 per year and the society meets from September through May on ususlly the third Tuesday of each month.