Minneapolis mn

basically looking to share the hobby with othere audiophiles in the twin cities area.
25-55yrs listen to all types of music.
thanks Mike
Moved to Minneapolis 2 months ago.
Have installed Aerial 10T/Sunfire SRA/Classe 30/Analogue -Michell Gyro SE/Technoarm/Shelter501/
Conventional cheap wires between components and Panamax ACC.
Live now in downtown area.
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I would be very interested in meeting other audiophiles in the Minneapolis area. I've been in the this hobby for over 30 years. As of now my system consists of:
Meridian 508 24 bit digital front-end.
ARC L15 Preamp
ARC 150.2 Amp
Sonic Frontiers Power 2 Tube Amp
Carda Gold Reference balanced ICs
Audioquest Caldera speaker cables
Carver TX-11a tuner
ADS L1530s rewired with OCC Cu.
Over the years I have owned Maggies, B&Ws, Von Schwiekerts, and other ADS speakers.
Would like to hear other systems, compare notes on tweaking, and opinions. Feel free to contact me.
Thanks, Kevin
I too live in the twin cities area. I have 2 systems
Mac mc402 amp
Mac c46 preamp
Maggie's 1.7s
Wadia dock for iPod
Ps audio dac
Grace Internet tuner
Primaluna dialog2 integrated (not currently in use)

Phase linear 400 series 2 amp
Carver 4000 preamp
Jbl l220 speakers
Pioneer 909 reel to reel
Akai gx635 reel to reel
I've been into the hobby for just a few years and its been a blast. Here is my modest set up that allows me to do a bit of switching around when I feel like a change.

Tube Audio Design 150 signature preamp
Tube Audio Design 60 amp
Class D Audio SDS 470c
Exemplar nodded xindak 5 DAC
Speltz classic cables
Marantz 2285b

Small collection of speakers including
Speaker art superclef
Ads l1530
Sound field audio monitor 1
Audes 105 monitor

I'm up for meeting others who are into the hobby as well and I know of a few other members in the TC's that feel the same. Send me a message. Thanks.
Google MN Audio Society or look in Stereophile.
Meets monthly in St. Louis Park at Radio Museum.