Miniwatt N3 run along with a pre-amp?

Hello everyone. This is my first post here, so hopefully I don't sound stupid!

After reading many complimetary reviews, I've just purchased a Miniwatt N3 tube integrated amp. I have a pair of Tekton Design 8.1en speakers that are 8 ohm speakers and rated at about 96/97 decibel efficiency. I'm wondering if I could possibly do any damage to any of my components if I feed the Miniwatt from my pre-amp using the "pre-amp out" section (vs useing a "tape out" on the pre-amp). I've been using this set up and I like the fact that by adjusting the volume control on the pre-amp (coupled with the volume control on the Miniwatt) I can get much more volume out of my speakers. When I initially hooked up just the Miniwatt, I was having to turn the volume up quite high to get a decent amount of volume. Also, I have a Thorens turntable and need the phono section of the pre-amp.

Any chance I can do any damage with this setup?

Many MiniWatt owners report good results bypassing the MiniWatt volume pot altogether. I keep meaning to do that with mine...
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Thanks for the reply Roscoeiii. How would a guy go about bypassing the Miniwatt's volume pot altogether?
Not a DIYer, so couldn't give you the details. Maybe ask a tech nearby?