Minimus 7

Just hooked up a pair of Realistic Minimus 7, with modified crossover, and all-in-one Teac CR-H220 and sounds incredible. Just wanted to share. Total was about $125.00 on ebay. 16 gauge Radio Shack speaker wire.
I have the Xover modification kits, bought on ebay. Just haven't taken the time to do it yet. Glad to hear they sound good, Peter
I have my set I bought in the 70's. I mod'd the crossovers a couple years ago - pretty hard to beat!
I managed a Radio Shack(#3934 Five Points Shopping Center in Carmichael, CA) from July '78 till May '80. I sold a ton of these. I was not always proud to sell only the Realistic line, but music lovers would come in and rave about the Minimus 7's. Damn good memories. BTW, I shook the hand of Charles Tandy 2 months before he died. He had a great passion for money....not for high fidelity, but for money. I pray to God every once in a while to live one of those 1978 days again. Smoking hot girl friend, 32 inch waist, great music in it's prime......
I have a pair in storage now that I bought to install in my new 1980 VW Rabbit with a NAK cassette head unit. I mounted them on the rear pillars with the optional wall mount brackets although they vibrated when scorching bumpy roads through the Santa Cruz mountains. Back then a 70HP Rabbit would pummel most American V8's on a twisty road and I had the best stereo while understeering through corners. My wife and friends hung on for dear life but we always had good music playing for a soundtrack (Supertramp!). Maybe I should dig them out and listen for fun and nostalgia. Wonder where I can find 'shrooms these days.
I've had many pairs of these over the last 30+ years, forgot how much fun they are, and the crossover mod is terrific.
Very good patio/outdoor speakers ( I use a well weathered wood veneer pair that still sound perfect out on my deck still) and very good overall for the size and cost. One of the better cornerstone Radio Shack audio products from years passed.
There was an outfit that sold a mod kit for the Minimus 7 and 77. It comprised of sticky dampening pads for the interior walls, a high quality capacitor, and some glue or something you would brush onto the woofer. It made a real improvement to the four Minimus 77's I had. Anyone remember?
My 1979 Hurst Olds had those on the rear deck. I would pull over, pull them out onto the roof and instant outdoor jam session. They were a really very good speaker.
Miner42..yep, all I had to do was open the hatchback on the Rabbit and rotate the speakers in their brackets to face out and it was instant outdoor party.