Minimum Wattage for b&W CDM 7NT speakers

I have a pair of CDM 7NT speakers that were part of my father's home theatre.
Can these be used with a vintage tube Integrated amplifier (such as Scott)?
Or do these require too much wattage? Would they be able to power these?

I am a novice who basically wants to set up a turntable, Tube Amp, and speakers. I'd like to hold on to the B&Ws for now, although a couple of smaller bookcase speakers may be the best option for me.

thanks in advance,
I had these speakers a few years back. They are fairly efficient and you can power them to moderate levels with as little as 10 watts. But if you want to play them at high levels, they get somewhat power hungry. An integrated amp with a minimum of 100-150 watts would do nicely.