Minimum tube power for Dunlavy SC-IV's??

What would be the minimum recommended tube power for Dunlavy SC-IV's?? I am driving my SC-III's with a PrimaLuna Prologue 1. I have never enjoyed the III's as much as with these tubes. I can get my hands on some IV's for a song and was wondering if the PL is up to the task?
If you look at VTL's web site they recommend a pair of MB 185s as a minimum for 10 in woofers. I use 185s with a pair of athenas and they work great. probably could get away with less. I think an ARC VT100 would work great as well.
I once paired IVs with VTL 225 amps (EL34 tubes). Great sound. Sold both to a buddy who loves the combo very much. I believe there are several listed on E-bay.