Hoping to get input of fellow members to help with speakers. The most challenging part of my search for audio bliss has been speakers. I've had Thiel 1.2, Monitor Audio Gold, Cary Silver Oak, Zu Essence, Ref 3A MM deCapo BE, Magnepan SMG, and Harbeth SHL5, to name a few. Most have shortcomings but the Harbeths and Magnepans gave me the fondest listening sessions because of their liveliness and imaging. I'm basically looking for something that will just put out what its fed, play well, and basically disappear. I listen primarily to vocal and acoustic music and enjoy 60s and 70s rock and R&B recordings. System consist of LP12/Origin Live/Lyra MC, Esoteric SA-50, David Berning ZOTL Pre One, VAC Renaissance 70-70/Lamm ML2.1/JA Burgess SE45 with Chord and Siltech cables. Hoping to keep the cost below $5K. Any input is appreciated.
Of the speakers mentioned, I like the Amphion suggestion.  PMC also has some nice monitors and are, to me at least, a cleaner and more refined version of Amphion.

The Sonner Audio Legato is another candidate with an open/airy sound and some warmth sprinkled in.  

As a Harbeth dealer I have a love/hate relationship with the P3ESR.  It is great for what it is, but also has some physical limitations leaving me to ask many questions to verify my clients would be happy with it.  I think the Monitor 30.1 would fall more in line with your expectations due to their richer tone and deeper bass.

My personal recommendation though would be the Rosso Fiorentino Pienza.  It's a ridiculously large sounding monitor that has never failed to drop jaws when I demo.  There isn't much information out as we are awaiting the second generation to be released, but that should happen in very short order.  Rosso in general reminds me of Magnepan in the way it reproduces the music, but it also gives you the energy of a dynamic speaker.

Disclaimer - I am a dealer/distributor, but have no affiliation with Amphion or PMC.
Fritz Carrera BE’s.  I have a pair now and absolutely love them.  
Sorry to upset anyone but they destroy LS50’s.  
PBN woud be another good option.  
Love Pulsars too

I should add that Fritz speakers do remarkably well with low-powered tube amps.  My recommendation is based on hearing them powered by a Modwright SET headphone amp.  See also this thread:

I have Spendor D1 and Rel R-328, at combined msrp of 5k but less than that used, and they are really good. 
Spendor D series have a faster, more modern sound than classic Spendor (I also have SA1), and I suspect Harbeth (can’t say for sure Re Harbeth as I have not owned).  It’s personal preference of course but If you can find D1’s, they might fit the bill

Also look at Reynaud Bliss Jubilee at half your max budget new and less used.  Have owned multiple Reynaud monitors over the years and now the Fritz Carrera Be.