minimonitor for Bat VK60 mono's?

I am geographicaly chalanged since i have recently moved to the northern Florida gulf coast. I will be living in an Apt. for a while and have to move my gear into a smaller bedroom 10x11 or 12 (have not measured yet)I need to purchase a stand mounted seaker as I have no access to any really good Hi end shops being that most of the money on the coast consists of tourists and people with second vacation homes where they dont have a need for truly hi end audio.anyway I will probably have to purchase blind so any advice please(Merlin TSM,Proac 1sc,Silverline sr17,renisance decapa 3's,ect...

System consists of:
Marantz CD-11 MK 2
Kimber 8tc(dual runs)
Apature silver interconects
Various diy room treatments

BAT was using a small pair of System Audio speakers (on stands) at CES this year. I thought the sound was pretty impressive driven by one of their new integrated amps. You might want to call BAT for more info on the speakers or check out the web site
I am using Shamrock Audio Eires with a pair of 30 watt tube monoblocks and couldn't be happier. Very balanced from top to bottom. Extremely well made. I auditioned them against Merlin, Spendor, and Harbeth.. all great speakers...and decided to keep the Eires...check them out and the reviews from soundstage and positive feedback at they come with a 30 day money back guarantee...perhaps a little more money than the speakers you have listed... but worth it...
these are not minimonitors, but by the time you add a stand, the size isn't much different. Try the Audio Physic Virgo's. One of the best speakers around. If they are to deep (cause they are only 8" wide), take a step down in their line.

I had a single VK60 driving'll love 2. Should be a great match with your other gear.
The best minis are upgraded KEF 101's. Upgrade the internal wiring (which is shockingly pitiful), put better caps in the crossover (also pitiful), and disengage the S-STOP (improves dynamics, clarity). After these upgrades, the performance is SHOCKING, especially if you have quality amps to drive them. In a room your size, they would work perfectly. I've done this to 7 pairs now. Stock 101's are unlistenable and a joke in comparison if you have great electronics.
Check out these sites. I have the Taylo refs that I've hooked up to my vk60 monos with decent results. = Borealis = Avinci One (kit or assembled) = Taylo Reference Monitor (used with stand $1500 or on A'gon)
The site for the System Audio SA2K speakers mentioned above being played with the BAT integrated at Alexis Park is They were so impressive in comparison to everything else heard at the show, I purchased one of the demo pairs. The U.S. distributor of this fantastic Danish speaker is Sonic Integrity Group in Santa Fe Spings, CA. Call 562-944-3499.
recently purchased a pair of AV Reality Avinci Ones and am completely blown away by their performance. In terms of mini-monitors, they have re-set my expectations of what was achievable from such a small speaker. From a driver implementation perspective, these speakers use the "best of the best" drivers. Additionally, the designer has just developed a ground breaking crossover design that he is patenting. The best part is that they only cost around $1100 new!

AV Reality also makes a larger monitor that has the same exact drivers as the $9500 Krell (but with a much better crossover), and it only costs $2000 new! In my opinion, AV Reality has re-set the bar for ultra speaker performance for reasonable prices.

Due to enormous power generated by the VK60 monos, most minimonitors can't take the pressure. New monitors at CES displayed in BAT room show some promise. Their amazing feat in the low end was made possible through new driver technology from Scanspeak. However, this driver has a tendancy to snap under extreme pressure. In other words they don't breakup gracefully. Two possible solutions for you: 1)Totem Acoustic Tabus - No capacitor between input and tweeter, instead a resistor array which can absorb globs of power. This combination is very holographic and can produce exceptional and realistic sound pressure. Only at the lowest octave do they give themselves away. 2) Sonus Fabus "Electa Amator II" Not very familiar with this speaker, but can probably handle monos. Goodluck