Minimax Preamp vs........the world?

Okay....I'm about 74.5% certain that I'll order a Easter Electric Minimax Tube preamp to go with my new Odyessey Stratos and Maggie 1.6/QR speakers. Cost for the basic unit is just 1100 bucks and I can't find anyone unhappy with it. And of course tube rolling can elevate the Minimax further. But before I order....anyone out there think there's something better available NEW? Keep my speakers in mind. I've dropped the need for a remote since my Oppo CD player has a volume control of it's own.

Thanks for any comments....

And to further complicate matters, someone e-mailed me saying that this Rogue Metis preamp would be as good/better and it has a remote. Cost is the same as the Minimax. The Rogue also has great reviews and seems to have deeper bass, which could be good for the Maggies.
There...I'm answering my own threads!

Here's the Rogue...

Be very careful with the Eastern electric, it has an output impedance that is very high for your 10 k ohm amp.. I owned the stratos by the way, in about 3 variations of it.. The EE has a 1.5 k out, you will probably get a little more anylitical and further pushed back sound.. I would go for very low output tube pres in my honest opinion like conrad johnson or similar,,, they have an output impedance of like 50 ohm.. very low and can pretty much drive anything, and will give you a more romantic sound if thats what you are looking for. If anything I would call EE and see what they think about it driving those amps, or at least see that you can return it if your not happy with the full frequency response.
I don't know the specs on the metis so I would call and speak with them as well on their feelings of this match.
Good luck
By the way why not Odysseys very own new Tube pre the candela they came out with in the last 18 months? I believe its in the same price range as well....?
According to the EE website, these are the specs on the minimax...
• Frequency Response: 10Hz - 150kHz
• THD: 0.015%
• Output: 2V
• Signal to Noise Ration: 93dB
• Input Impedance: 100K Ohm
• Output Impedance: 700 Ohm

The Rogue Metis specs...from the manual...
Gain Stage
12 dB
Phono Gain
35 dB
Phono Loading
47K Ohms, 150pF capacitance
Rated Output
1 Volt RMS
Maximum Output
10 Volt

Can anyone shed more light on these as a match (or is it a bad one) with the Odyessey Stratos and Maggie 1.6 pair?

To be honest not sure where you found the specs on EE's site, these are the ones I see, not 700 ohm output impedance.. And Rogue does not list the output impedance at all so I would call them.. Good Luck


Tubes : 12AU7 x 2, 6X4 x 1

Frequency Response 10Hz~150kHz + - .5db

THD 0.015%

Output 2V

S/N ratio 93dB

Input impedance 100kOhms

Output impedance 1.5KOhms

Total gain 20dB

Channel balance 0.2dB

Channel separation 65dB

Power consumption 3W

Physical Dimension (WxLxH) 316 x 145 x 115mm

Weight 4kg
I contacted both outfits, but in the end I went with the Metis, which I think will be a bit more lively with the Magnepans, plus it has the remote.
Bill from EE says the webpage info is wrong and he forgot to change it to reflect the current 700. The Metis is 500 I think.
So here I wait for the Metis, Odyessey and Magnepan 1.6/QR's. And then I'll wait far longer for it all to break-in.


Robbob, can you give us an update on the Metis? How does it sound? I'd also like to know how noisy it is. It seems to have a reputation:
do not buy the miniax tube preamp. i had it in my stereo system . i was evaluating the preamp for a review. i had already reviewed the cd player.

i lent the preamp to a friend and fellow audiogon member, to cooroborate my listening results. we both agreed that the preamp had a frequency response that was top heavy, analytical and unpleasant to listen to for more than 15 minutes.
Your amp is not a good match for tube preamps in general. The output impedance of the metis is a bit higher than 500 ohm, I think this combo will sound a bit thin with your speakers.