Mini Utopia

Hello guys.

I've just bought mini utopia days ago but they didn't come with their stands. Since the speakers have been discontinued for years now, I couldn't find their original stands for sale. I would like to find some proper substitute ones out there. May I ask you guys who own mini utopia a question? Would you please let me know how high the original mini utopia's stands you guys have are? So I can go out and buy some alternative.

Thank you very much in advance for your kind.
There is an golden rule: "The ideal height of the loudspeaker and speaker stand should place the tweeter at ear level when you are seated in a listening position" (taken from: So, take measuring tape in hand.
P.S. Regarding some measurements, steel filings are the best filler for speaker stands.
When it comes to stands a speaker like that deserves a good one and IMHO best out there are heavy mass Sound Anchors.What height you need and how many post (three or four) would be up to budget but Call Bob Warzalla at Sound Anchor.Especially if you have wood floors the more mass the better (some lighter stands can be filled with lead shot).Then use carpet spikes (if you have carpets) or small stand spikes and use protective cups for floors if need be to decouple from floor.This can make huge difference.But I have hear Bob's stands (which were absolutely required equipment form many models over years even floor standers like B&W 800 series) and have heard his sound better then OEM stands from manufacturers.Not I'm not with his company and he's not my's just he knows more about them then anybody out there.They aren't cheapest but again they are the best.
I own the Micro Utopia's and they're on 26" high Sound Anchors. For me, the 26" height brings the tweeter close but not level with my ears. You really can't go wrong with Sound Anchors and being able to choose the platform dimensions to match your speakers is icing on the cake. If youÂ’re going to buy Sound Anchors, which I suggest you do, buy them through a dealer because you'll get them faster and the cost will be less than going direct to Sound Anchors.
Thank you very much every one. I will measure my ears height and find a proper stand.