Mini Toslink adapters... degrade sound?

Just curious, some digital gear, to save real estate, use mini Toslink connections.

We know that when using SPDIF Toslink, it is best to use true glass cable conductors, not the cheapie and ubiquitous plastic conductor ones.

Question, for those who have tried, do these adapters degrade the sound much?

I cannot find a glass cable that terminates to a mini Toslink end...

Thanks in advance.
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I have used one and noticed no difference in just allowed me to use a combo digital / analog input .    
While I have't used those particular adapters, I have used cheap no-name ones and haven't detected any difference. If you only need mini-Toslink on 1 end Lifatec makes a nice glass cable. I've had one for years.

Wireworld has your back. This cable was the one that actually made realize cables make a difference. I use it to connect my imac to desktop DAC.