Does anyone here have a mini-system at home or in the office that they can recommend? I need something with either one or two alarms that will also compliment a modern bedroom. In other words, I'd like to avoid those garish Aiwa units you see at Best Buy that look like they deserve their own X-File. Something elegant, preferably brushed aluminum/stainless steel, with nice grill covers and of course, good quality sound...

Thanks all,
If you are looking for cheap, look at the JVC units that are about the size of...well...for lack of other brand name, the bose wave radio. I'm pretty sure they have an alarm and look fairly decent.
The best sounding mini-system ever available from the company and series that started the fine mini-system phenomenon, JVC FS-7000.

This piece is no longer current manufacture, but I found the link below where one is available. I bought mine off of Ebay for $200. The bass enhancement circuit on this piece is the best implementation of such that I've heard allowing a full, tonally tuneful reinforcement at lower volumes. The 3 Gain settings allows you to taylor the full adjustment of the volume control for the particular volume level you wish to listen. For instance at lower listening one can select the -12db setting and have very fine adustment over the whole volume controls range of varied quieter levels.
I third the JVC, and own the 7000 described by Blackblue above. It will FAR exceed your expectations as far as price/performance goes.
I have a Denon M-3 that I use much as you describe. I think the current model is the M-30 for about $450 with 20w/ch into Mission speakers.
Recently I purchased a Sony RB-5 ($199 retail) for my
daughter and it looks/sounds very good in her bedroom. I'm not sure if it has
an alarm. (I replaced the stock speaker wires. 24ga.
with a single strand of Kimber Kable 4VS for +/- and this
really improved the sound. If anyone needs a great dual-
alarm clock radio, may I suggest a GE Model # 7-4853. Wal-
Mart has them for under $20. Bill
That JVC above looks NICE. But every JVC I've heard in the stores lately sound awful.
Yamaha sounded the best with the bigger piano black speakers. Panasonic for the cheaper models. Denon is okay with the bigger M30 or M50 speakers.
Denon D-F100S or D-F100mc. High-end mini system and looks to match. Never fails to amaze me. Paid $600.00 for it. Check out
I found the Yamaha MCR-150 (smaller) piano mini system for $169.00 here:

This or the Denon are the best I'ver heard but they are typically $400-$700. So this is a real bargain.
Since they list the retail as $300, not $400 like it's being sold at Best Buy right now, I do not know if this is an older style but with the same MCR-150 part number.
Here is a nice looking AIWA executive mini-system:
Aiwa XR-EC10
They sold for $245 new but were discontinued in 2002. Heartland America is selling them for $109.99 (the price has been reduced since this ad)and with $20 rebate it's only $89.99. New in box with one year warranty. Aiwa is typically more transparent than JVC. Bass is not slow or overblown like Yamaha, Panasonic, or Onkyo. Sound is more alive and not dead like dead-Denon/Mission systems.

It doesn't look classy, but has nice warm bass and pretty smooth mid. I don't know about a timer, but the best sounding all in one system for that money, except Linn Classic package.
I second the jvc suggestions. I bought one for my mom -just because, and she told me that if anyone tried to break into her place they could take her jewels and money and whatever, but if they tried to take her jvc she would beat them to death with her exercise ball. We are talking seriously audiophile here.
Sharp has a 1-bit system that list for like $600 going for $130 at the moment, there is a thread at AC about it. I am trying out a Panny Receiver at the moment with mixed results.