Mini or Laptop

If I buy a computer just for music, should I buy a Mac Mini or Mac LapTop? I'm thinking of using an Off Ramp 4 between the USB port of the computer and the XLR digital input of my Cary 11a, assuming the 24/192 DACs in the Cary will do a fine job. Does that seem like the way to go?

old MacBook works fine for me.
What about a modified mac mini? (mach2)
I have used a Mac Mini for about a year now. I have in on my AV rack with everything else (amp, DAC etc). I the HDMI connected to my HDTV to use as a monitor as needed. I have the Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad on a small table next to my chair. For most playback I use my iPad wit the Apple Remote app to control things.
I'd go for the mini. It Works like a charm.
Mini will sound better.
Buy a used 2010 Mini. Run Snow Leopard. Tweak according to this website:

[click on "Free: Optimization Guide for Apple OS X"]

Use Pure Music software. Upgrade to 8 MB RAM and replace the internal hard drive with an SSD to run the operating system. You can do each of these upgrades incrementally. You won't be sorry.
I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has compared a PC with JPlay loaded vs Mac....I've never owned Mac, but JPlay has made it a new game.