Mini office system?

Hi -

Can you recommend a budget mini system a small office? I have space for smallish speakers, and want an integrated amp/tuner/cd. I might add a PC network device someday, but not yet. Budget is $200-$300, and used equipment is great.

I hardly ever frequent my listening room anymore, but it has MF300 stuff in there, just as a point of reference. I could enlist this pair of budget BIC bookshelf speakers lying around unused, tho they seem wee big for the available office space, and I'd still need a recommend for something integrated to power/tune/CD them.

Thanks for your time & thoughts - Ralph
Onkyo CS 210 paired with your BICs or better yet some Paradigm Atoms. Onkyo is about $170 on the internet.
I think you are right, I can make those unused BICs fit in the office somewhere - they even had the crossovers rebuilt. I'll check out that Onkyo mini unit, still wondering about others.
At that price point, you might consider another direction: Swan M200 active monitors, plus your PC. The Swans a bit hard to find, at the moment, but probably ranging from around 150 used to 200 new. They are not tiny, but they're the only thing you need, in addition to your computer. Just received a pair bought on Agon today, and am pleased. They compare quite favorably (though they won't go as loud) to my "odds n ends" office system of old NAD integrated, old Sony CDP, and some Rocket ELT surrounds. The Swans seem to me a space/$ elegant solution for small areas like bedrooms, and have the advantages of a PC source.

jmd has Swans.
When I tried to order the Swans from Newegg this summer, they were backordered. I signed up for email notification of restocking, and never heard. If the Swans are in now, NE had a competitive price. I don't see them all that often used.

Thanx guys, I'm narrowing the choices:

1) I see the Swans on Newegg for $190 shipped. I have no PC Audio at the moment, just streaming radio thru the stock soundcard on an aging & very full PC. I do my real work on a laptop at the same desk, tho adding a TB-sized server to store work, hence there will be new space if I bite off PC audio. I can see this being a "tip of the iceberg" kind of purchase. The Swans are pretty bulky, and my computer monitor is already massive. The powered speakers have the advantage on having the volume knob right next to the ringing phone. But they will occupy some serious desk space, wouldn't mind a more compact solution.

2) A buddy has an older Denon UD-M3 for me at $35 plus a 6-pack if he finds the remote (I had to bargin him UP just to feel like I wasn't taking advantage of him.) I'd be happy to put these BIC DV62s to use, which came out of my workout room, and put them along with the Denon right BEHIND me on the credenza. Never trying it before, I just auditioned some music on my main system (whose imaging sounded relatively flat today), and tried listening turned backwards. Yes, it seemed funny, it still imaged, guessing I heard empasis on reflections. Is the behind me layout a poor choice? It's certainly cheap to try it out.

Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. One more note is that I almost always listen to low volumes while trying to work... I have a hard enough time concentrating already -
Denon Mini System is what you are after.
Nice compact system.
Ralpheburns: You are right that the Swans are a little imposing on the desktop; in my case a 3'X5' table, also holding laptop, Dell 19" flat screen, and a 14 lb. Maine Coon. I am findingthem a bit cluttering, and in fact purchased them as a gift for someone who would like some sounds and is likely to change apartments a lot in the near term. On the other hand, they are very uncluttering technology-wise (e.g., only one new power cord), and sound surprisingly good. Not sure one gets much imaging, though, with the monitor clogging the centerfield. jmd
Ok it's a plan, it's the lettle Denon for now and PC audio after a server is installed. I've a lossless PC-to-tubes type of friend coming around in a couple weeks, so I'll try to get a primer from him (or is there a good web tutorial?).

jmd: my space is not quite a cramped as yours -
notice the lavish decorations.....
I see the Denon Mini, B Stock, at auction for under $200.
A steal.
Ralpheburns: The Swans would be fine on the credenza (?) behind you. I'd certainly not want them on your desk space. Interesting question, about imaging from the rear. jmd
The Denon UD-M3 is playing right now, $35 + 6-pack/remote. It sounds 'comfortable' thru those BICs on the back drawers/shelf/table (?). I'm rather proud of my BIC purchase, because I'm the type who'll blow every budget 5 times over, and the BICs didn't ($100). However, the volume pot on this Denon is dead, so its remote-only (did I overpay?). I'll waste some other Saturday fixing it. I'll keep experimenting, am curious about the Squeezebox et. al.