Mini Monitors: Sonus Faber Cremona or Micro Utopia

I currently have Reference 3A Dulcet mini monitors and I'm looking to upgrade. I like the Dulcets a lot (I've also had the DeCapos and Royal Masters), but they sound a little thin to me. I'd like a little more bass and fullness without sacrificing detail and wonderful highs. Does anyone have a sense of how the Sonus Faber Cremona M's or JM Labs (original, not with the BE tweeter) compare to one another or to the Dulcets? I've been thinking about those two seriously. I'd like to hear them, but I don't have a lot of opportunities where I live.

I have a small listening room, about 8 x 10, and listen to LPs exclusively (VPI Aries original turntable). I have different amps available, from 30w solid state (Nelson Pass) to 100w solid state (Rowland) to an integrated tube amp (15w, E.A.R.). I listen to lots of different kinds of music, including soul, reggae, classic rock, jazz, funk, indie rock, rap, ska, etc.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. And I know it all depends on your own ears, the other gear in the system, etc., but I'd like to hear some opinions nevertheless. I know no one has the definitive answer. Also, if there are other mini monitors that you think should be on my short list, do let me know.

I can only reply about the micro bes which is what I have. I also run them in a small room but would never consider them without a sub. I listen to a wide variety of rock/blues/jazz electric and acoustic. The meat and weight of a rock rhythm section won't be communicated with monitors alone. I run a Velo DD12 with very satisfactory results. Good luck in your search.
If you really want fullness and warmth I don't think you will find an over abundance of it from the Utopias. I own JM Focal Electras (yes very different cabinets and crossovers) and it took a long time and many iterations of my system to get them to sound great. You have an impressive array of amps but a higher power tube amp and a warmish tube pre are what it took in my experience.
I think you'll find what your after more directly with the Soinus Faber. Just my 2 cents.
The Utopia with LP's and Tubes are pretty good but the BE tweeter can soar to a different level. Not to the point of a top line RAAL tweeter but close enough. You have to work at it to get the Utopia's to sound full like a Sonus Faber. The Utopia will be a little more forward compared to Cremona and the Cremona is more forgiving. Both are very spacious and musical. For a wide veriety of music I would be leaning towards the Cremona. If you see a used pair of Vapor Audio Cirrus at a good price you may want to consider them. This is my current speaker which is great to listen to but wouldn't buy them new again. Joseph Audio Pulsars should be on that short list too!
The new KEF LS-50s are getting absolutely rave reviews...

Rlwainwright - I meant to thank you a long time ago. There was a pair of the KEFs here on A'gon for a reasonable price and I bought them -- after reading a bunch of reviews. They're excellent. I've sold the Dulcets and am not looking back. The KEFs do everything right - wonderfully balanced, good bass (better than the Dulcets, I think), great with my low-watt integrated tube amp, reasonably priced. Kind of unbelievable for the price. Thanks so much - I'm very happy with them and hadn't considered them until you mentioned them.
The difference is that the Sonus Faber has a much richer and warmer mid freq. Bur the Utopia can give you a bigger and wider stage. Look for used Monitor Audio Pl-100's. These are better in resolution, speed and control. They are a combi of the two speakers above.