Mini monitors for vinyl....

Compiling a second system for vinyl playback...considering B&K st 140 with older Adcom any rate...should i go for a forgiving monitor or more of a revealing nature...the system is looking like a "warm" one on paper...any thoughts? Thinking of Vandy 1bs as well...price range for monitors is 3-500 is on the small side...
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Try the Quad 11L's or the 12L's. They are pretty darn good for the price. Good luck.
Hmmmm. I would not expect this gear to sound warm. I could be wrong, you never know, but I would not bet on it. Anyway, I'd be looking at some Cardas cabling to goose the musicality, perhaps Spendors. Someone is asking $1000 on 'gon right now for a pair of S5e's in black ash, list is $1800. I'd snap those up. Think of them as floor standing mini monitors.
If the Vandy's aren't too large for your room they would be great. Since you mention floorstanders such as Vandy's you should also look at a pair of Vienna Acoustic Bachs listed recently. Another great small floorstander is the Meadowlark Audio Kestrel. A nice speaker that is regularly listed here in your price range. I replaced a pair of Vandersteen 1Cs with Kestrel Hot Rods and really loved them.
I've owned the ST-140, warm. I had it paired with an Adcom GFP-565, and I wouldn't characterize the Adcom as warm. Depending on cabling, I'd call it a bit lean-to-neutral sounding. You should have a complementary pairing there.

I second the recommendation of the Kestrel's. If you have to go with monitors, the Vienna Hayden's would work nicely.
You might be able to find a pair of Silverline SR11's for around $600. Damn good speakers. Fairly neutral, but a bit on the romantic side.