Mini Monitors for Rotel RA-1520 Integrated

What would be a great match for this amp in a 9.5' x 12' room where the speakers must reside well above seated ear level on a shelf on the short wall? Wide variety of musical tastes. Not looking for speakers that don't "come alive" until they're played loud.....need something that can be played low with very high quality (elderly folks in room next door). Something that sounds "perfect" with, say, an Eva Cassidy vocal in addition to being a world class performer all around in the $1500 per pair and under category...
Spendor and Acoustic Energy speakers tend to have great low level resolution and do not need to be pushed hard to resolve. They of course do midrange and vocals very well.
stereophile just had a rave review about the dynaudio excite x12 that are $1200 pair where they stated that it is the benchmark for under $2K per pair. probably worth a listen...
Be easier if you said what you have heard and liked.Brit sound.warm.Analytical or whatever.That was something I liked about my friend slim floor standing Audio Physic Sparks they sounded good a low level volumes.They make a monitor the Step.If it's Eva Cassidy you want midrange.Epos?Spendor was good idea.Dynaudio.Maybe B&W?For value though they might need to be pushed Totem Sig 1.Lot's of Usher used 718's for a few hundred more but again not the best low volume performer.Get out and listen and throw back what you liked and didn't to narrow search.Oh and this may be obvious but must be front ported or sealed unless it's a deep shelf.
Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1 (~$900 new)?? Great speaker; rave reviews (check online). Look for "warm" and "neutral" speakers for that amp, since Rotel is known to be on the bright side of sound.

In case you want to know, my Monitor Audio RS1 perform great at low volume even in a room slightly larger than yours; however, they are way below your budget and not a good match with Rotel. In my opinion, the RS1 are great speakers that perform way above their value.
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