Mini-monitors $5,000 - $10,000

I'm looking to replace my Kharma Ceramique 3.2 FE's with a very good mini-monitor. A high WAF factor (I'm a design freak too so I'm in on this too)is important. So far I'm down to the Marten Heritage Duke 2 (I've auditioned their Form speaker so I have a good idea of the "house" sound and like it) and the Joseph Audio Pulsar (which I have yet to hear).

Any thoughts on either would be appreciated as well as alternatives. No, the Raidho's are too much.

I'll be driving them with a SimAudio Moon 600i and a PS Audio PerfectWave DAC. Occasional vinyl once I get a phono amp again. I listen to pretty much everything.

Thanks in advance for your input.
I second the Vivid V1.5. Has a lot of bass for a small speaker.
You are looking for stand mounted speakers I am guessing. How much room away from the rear wall and the side walls will these speakers be placed?
I'd at least consider Rockports and Merlins.
Crazy question but is the sound the OP is after?

As for looks, you must include the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors or Olympica Is.