Mini monitors?

Considering a 2nd system: Speaker recommendations please? Small foot print is a must, sound capability obviously, cost is less of a concern except for the truly outrageous. So far have looked at ProAc, Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor, Harbeth (too big), Dynaudio. Anything you wish to recommend? I listen to mainly jazz & blues, including fusion, some rock, funk, occaisional needs to be an all arounder if you will, and play well at low volumes
Spendor LS3/5A (or any LS3/5A). Great mini with surprising bass output for its size. Not even close to full range but darned enjoyable to listen to.
From your list, I have been happy with the ProAc 1SC's, supported by a decent subwoofer.
You might consider a high efficiency/SET combo. Little comes close at low volumes. How about the Omega speakers? Cheap and musical.
I dunno if the Green Mountain Callisto is too big but man they sound awesome, I have not heard every monitor out there, but this cabinet simply isnt there. I hope if size works for you that you atleast look into them, another less atractive monitor is the Eminent Technology LFT 10, it is a ribbon hybrid and it sound awesome, but isnt the best looking, hell it might be the worst but a grill could be made easily....clarity is this speaker strength.
Engaging sound & stunning visually . They do like power though. Seldom available used. Website has reviews & info:
Totem Mites
For a smallish room, requiring nearfield listening, I have not experienced a more moving feeling than what I get out of my Micro Utopia BEs.
I own, and love, a pair of JMlabs original Micro-Utopias, typically available used for around $2-2500, depending on condition and whether or not they have matching stands. Anyway, they sound amazing, have surprising bass-usable output down to 40hz, and are incredibly easy to drive, I'm currently using 18 watts with no problems. And on top of all that they're gourgeous, the fit and finish is truly impeccable. Needless to say, highly recommended!
Penaudio Rebel 2 or Charisma. You can upgrade either by adding the Chara woofers that replace the stands. Chara actually take up less space than stands.
Totem Acoustic Model 1 Siganutes or better yet the Mani-2.
Thanks the recommendations...the Utopia Be was one I was planning to audition. What about sat sub combos? Are there any that you would consider audiophile quality? Have heard some that were OK but not good enough
dyn 52 se,s,totem rainmakers,mani,s are also sweet,dyn 1.3 se always surprising me still.

Before you settle on anything, do yourself a favor and check out the designers that view time/phase-coherent sound with the utmost importance; you won't want to go back!

I , like Chadnliz, chose the Green Mountain Audio Callisto. Outstanding speaker!!! The also make subwoofers to facilitate a full-range system.
I would recommend you audition 3A De Capos. Doing away with the x-over seems to do wonders! No, I am not connected in any way with the company.
spica TC-50
for a super transparent and detailed sound, try acapella fidelio monitors ($6k)
wow, lots of recommendations...definitely have my work/auditoning cut out for me!