Mini-monitor suggestions for a Blue Circle CS

I have a 10X12 room and need help to begin the search for a good match for the BC amp. Any suggestions will be appreciated
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How about the reference 3a dulcet...exceptional little speaker!
How much do you want to spend?
Joseph Audio works well with Blue Circle.
There are a few Blue Circle owners who have Merlin, and they love them.
I have heard the Reyanud MKII, III or IV with this amp. Hook it up with Audio Note Lexus cable, and prepare yourself for an emotional response. Reynaud may be the best kept secret in the industry...affordable...and with the Blue Circle amp, pure magic. Listener magazine did a small speaker shoot out, and Reyanud trounced the field.
I second the JMR line
Good Synergy with Blue Circle Electronics.

Hi Larry,

In addition to those mentioned above, the Focus Audios monitors (FS-68SE or FS-688) will work well with Blue Circle kit. These little guys sound as good as they look ... and they look superb!

Good luck,
ProAc Reference Tablette or 1SC monitors.
I have been using Reference 3A MM De Capo i speakers with a 25 watt Blue Circle BC6 Class A hybrid amp and a BC3 Despina preamp in a relatively small room [16' x 12' x 8.5' ] with great results.
If you haven't already, you might want to also run this question by the folks on the forum at Blue Circle's web site.
I suggest you visit Bob Neill's website,, a knowledgeable reviewer and now apparently also a dealer of, wouldn't you know it, Blue Circle, Jean Marie Reynaud, and Audio Note gear, among others. There is very detailed first hand information there about the BC/JMR pairing. I might also suggest one of the LS3/5 variants. (ie. Spendor, Harbeth) I am currently using Spendor 1/2e in a 12x15' room, though I wouldn't consider these "mini" monitors.
There are a number of good suggestions here already, so I'll take a slightly
different approach. In truth there are a lot of different speakers that will mate
well with the CS, mostly it depends on your budget, your taste, and the type
of muic you listen to.

You should also keep in mind that at least a moderately efficient speaker is
required to make the CS sing. I would not pair it with speakers with an
efficiency rating of less than 87 or 88 db for the best results.

Energy, ProAc, JM Reynaud, Harbeth, Focus Audio, Green Mountain Audio,
PSB, Totem and Paradigm all make speakers that work well with the CS. I'm
sure that Joseph Audio and Reference 3A also work quite well. I think your
problem is going to be more one of narrowing your search as opposed to
finding just one suitable speaker.

Can you provide a little more info with regards to your budgetary and musical
At present I am using a set of first generation ref 3a decappos with the i upgrade. This is a pretty darn good match IMHO. They have plenty of sensitivity and a pretty steady impedence trace. They seem very balanced tonally. I don't what if any speaker would be a move up at this point. Any ideas....say 3000 used...thanks
The Green Mountain audio "Rio". The Blue Circle and GMA speakers work amazingly well together.