Mini Maggies - has anyone tried AMR gold fuses?

Mini Maggies use a 4amp fuse on each speaker covering both the midrange and the ribbon tweeter. Changing the stock fuse for an AMR gold fuse of the same rating results in killing the high end and also the imaging. Has anyone tried another make such as HiFi Tuning fuses?
Did you try it both ways? In the proper direction the fuse should sound more focused, balanced and natural. Of course, you need to evaluate the fuse direction one at a time.
I'd like to know if this works as well...Thx Geoff!
I installed the AMR gold fuses over the weekend in my MG 12QR and WoW...! I immediately heard more clarity in the mid-range and the mid-bass was much tighter as well. Just overall a more transparent presentation from top to bottom. Thumbs Up...;D!!!