Mini Maggie System hurts to listen to

I went to a local audio dealer to audition different speakers for a home office. I listened to the mini-maggie system extensively, loved it, and brought it home. Unfortunately at home they are causing something I've never experienced before. After listening to them I feel a clogged sensation in my ears and an almost reflexive cringing at higher frequency sounds. I've put in the included tweeter resistor which helped slightly but not enough. Listening levels are low. At the dealer the maggies had a lot more space behind them then they do here. They are being powered by a Peachtree Inova. Some recordings are worse than others but almost all cause this with time. Sources are digital and vinyl. ~80 hours on the speakers. Any thoughts?
Most panel speakers require alot of break-in. Maggies are no different. Give them some time. I'd say 200 hours or so, (maybe even more).
Have you made the necessary rooms acoustic changes needed when listening to the Maggie's?
This is a wild guess and something you've probably already checked out, but it kind of sounds like the speakers might be hooked up out of phase. Any chance that's the case?

from my experience Maggies have a lot of high freq energy

try ficus trees right next to the speakers

keep the speakers away from the walls if possible

try warm wire, AZ copper cables are quite good and of course Cardas are a popular choice

good luck
Absorption or diffusion behind the speakers. But most importantly, I'm wondering if you need more power? What were they demo'd on at the dealer. I heard their prototypes several years back demo'd with Bryston 28 amplifiers (very powerful). None of us could believe what was coming out of those tiny speakers!