Mini Maggie Office System

Hello All - I'm waiting on delivery for a pair of mini maggies to setup in an office / near-field setup. I still need to get some electronics to go with this setup. I do know that Maggies enjoy quality amplification, and drink every spare watt they can get their hands on, but on the other hand, this is a near-field setup and won't be run too loud too often.

I'd be interested in experiences out there, since there hasn't been that much written out there that I can find about first hand experiences component matching the mini maggies, despite some glowing reviews.

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maggie mini's with David Berning's ZOTL40 distributed by Urban Hi Fi is to die for. Totally addictive sound. The addition of a second bass panel is advisable.
Very happy to hear that you're enjoying the ZOTL40 - I do want to clarify, though, that while the ZOTL40 (and ZOTL10, and MicroZOTL2.0) are designed entirely by David Berning, with the exception of the MicroZOTL2.0, the power amps were conceived by Mark Schneider of Linear Tube Audio. We bring our ideas to David Berning and he turns them into his genius version of reality, and then we take a long time to learn how to manufacture them to consistent, Berning-approved high quality. So they are not David Berning Co. products, they are Linear Tube Audio products, designed by David Berning. Linear Tube Audio has a growing list of dealers nationally and internationally, and Urban Hifi is one of those, while also being a retail store in the DC metro area operated by the same crew as Linear Tube Audio. 

I can't really give an uncompromised opinion on what to use with the mini Maggies, as I've only heard them in a large room driven by the ZOTL40 with the MicroZOTL2 as a preamp, but I will say that the match is such that Mark Schneider has been petitioning Magnepan dealers to let him promote the mini Maggies more aggressively as versatile speakers. 

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