Mini Maggie Office System

Hello All - I'm waiting on delivery for a pair of mini maggies to setup in an office / near-field setup. I still need to get some electronics to go with this setup. I do know that Maggies enjoy quality amplification, and drink every spare watt they can get their hands on, but on the other hand, this is a near-field setup and won't be run too loud too often.

I'd be interested in experiences out there, since there hasn't been that much written out there that I can find about first hand experiences component matching the mini maggies, despite some glowing reviews.

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maggie mini's with David Berning's ZOTL40 distributed by Urban Hi Fi is to die for. Totally addictive sound. The addition of a second bass panel is advisable.

I've just got the ZOTL40 now I need to buy the Maggie Mini's-anyone want to sell theirs???

Thanks for the clarification Will. I mispoke obviously. On that note are there any other amps on the horizon?