Mini Maggie Office System

Hello All - I'm waiting on delivery for a pair of mini maggies to setup in an office / near-field setup. I still need to get some electronics to go with this setup. I do know that Maggies enjoy quality amplification, and drink every spare watt they can get their hands on, but on the other hand, this is a near-field setup and won't be run too loud too often.

I'd be interested in experiences out there, since there hasn't been that much written out there that I can find about first hand experiences component matching the mini maggies, despite some glowing reviews.
Hi Sonance,

Just yesterday I was listening the Mini Maggie/subwoofer system and thought it was quite a treat. Even if your going to use it in a near-field setup, I still would recommend at least 80 to 100 watts of quality power to get them to sing. I heard them being driven by a Peachtree 80 watt intergrated, which was just enough to get them to perform wonderfully in a very small office setup. So, quality along with a good 100 watt amp with some current is still necessary even if they are the babies of the Magnapan family.
The question is how much do yoiu want to spend on your electronics? The second major point is that if the first watt sounds terrible what good is 500 more of the same. The idea of course is to get high quality while knowing that Magnepans do see to perform well with good high wattage devices. There is no point in discussing possibilities without a budget.
I heard them with a Peachtree too. Their electronics are certainly good enough to make the mini-maggies sound good. But I would go with the Marantz PM8004. That is just an incredibly clean, quiet, resolving, and musical integrated amp.

If you spend more than the Marantz, look into the Rogue Cronus or Rogue Cronus Magnum.
Don't really have a fixed budget - I guess I'll try to keep it under 2K - but hopefully that includes a source, and I'm OK with buying something used as long as I expect it to be reliable. Amps first, though.

I checked out the Marantz, seems like a nice component, although my first impression of the brand is mid-fi, but that may be just preconception. I see lots of new names like Peachtree and Wyred 4 Sound, and I'm wondering how they do against stalwarts like Plinius and Simaudio Moon (used, obviously)? I'm not naturally inclined to buy Class D gear, although I understand it can be well executed and sound good with compatible components.
Magnepan has a 30 day home trial program for the Mini Maggie
System. And, they do offer a Wadia 151 as part of the trial.
That might be worth looking into.

08-30-12: Sonance
I checked out the Marantz, seems like a nice component, although my first impression of the brand is mid-fi, but that may be just preconception.

DO NOT make that assumption about this Marantz amp. Marantz makes quality mid-fi stuff in China. They have a skunkworks factory in Japan for their Reference series, which includes SACD/CD players, integrated amps, preamps, and power amps that run into several thousand dollars. The PM8004 is practically a gift. It is the top line integrated amp from their standard line, but is made in the Reference factory with reference quality components. The PM8004 and its companion SA8004 disc player are the only stereo components from the standard line that use their extraordinary HDAM ultrawide bandwidth, high gain, extremely low noise gain stages.

It's a TAS Editor's Choice component. Here's their rave review. I first took notice of the PM8004 when I was auditioning a $10K pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Ms. They sounded fantastic--musical, articulate, smooth. The bass was particularly tight and articulate; the overall presentation had "you are there" detail I hadn't been aware of on the demo recording that I knew well. It didn't surprise me too much that the Cremona Ms sounded fantastic. What blew me away was that the PM8004 was powering them as though it was a $6K stack of separates.
Sonance, there are some positive reports of the Wyred with Maggies. I haven't heard it myself. I'd note though that the Minis are very revealing of electronics and if there's any Class D grain in the highs you'll likely hear it.

(BTW, I saw your post on the Planar Circle. Their server went down for a few days so traffic there has been light. But I didn't say anything there that hasn't been said here.)
Thanks for the feedback - you are right about my post in planar circle, I was waiting for a response there when their server went down for several days. I've actually reived my speakers today, and don't have an amp for it yet. I was hoping to find something this week, since I'm traveling next week. I will look for some components this weekend based on what I've read here and my research, and will post back once I've had a chance to do some listening.
I'd offer two other options within your price range...both very different.

1. Use a DAC with preamp features, like the wonderful Audiolab M-DAC, controlling a pair of Monarchy SM70 MKII mono-block amplifiers in fully balanced mode. The Amps can be bought new for $588 each if you email the company for factory direct price.

2. Get the Harman Kardon HK990 integrated amp and CD player combo. Currently on ebay for $1,600 for the pair ($3,300 retail). Probably the best HK has put out to date.

Different types of options, but both should easily drive your Maggie system, and both should sound wonderful. Hope this helps.

I heard the mini Maggie driven by the Wadia 151 at the Magnepan factory; was very impressed, sounded excellent! Another option might be the NAD C 375BEE integrated; plenty of power there.
maggie mini's with David Berning's ZOTL40 distributed by Urban Hi Fi is to die for. Totally addictive sound. The addition of a second bass panel is advisable.

I've just got the ZOTL40 now I need to buy the Maggie Mini's-anyone want to sell theirs???

maggie mini's with David Berning's ZOTL40 distributed by Urban Hi Fi is to die for. Totally addictive sound. The addition of a second bass panel is advisable.
Very happy to hear that you're enjoying the ZOTL40 - I do want to clarify, though, that while the ZOTL40 (and ZOTL10, and MicroZOTL2.0) are designed entirely by David Berning, with the exception of the MicroZOTL2.0, the power amps were conceived by Mark Schneider of Linear Tube Audio. We bring our ideas to David Berning and he turns them into his genius version of reality, and then we take a long time to learn how to manufacture them to consistent, Berning-approved high quality. So they are not David Berning Co. products, they are Linear Tube Audio products, designed by David Berning. Linear Tube Audio has a growing list of dealers nationally and internationally, and Urban Hifi is one of those, while also being a retail store in the DC metro area operated by the same crew as Linear Tube Audio. 

I can't really give an uncompromised opinion on what to use with the mini Maggies, as I've only heard them in a large room driven by the ZOTL40 with the MicroZOTL2 as a preamp, but I will say that the match is such that Mark Schneider has been petitioning Magnepan dealers to let him promote the mini Maggies more aggressively as versatile speakers. 

Linear Tube Audio
I have heard this system, very nice for the near-field listener. I am not a near field listener (btw). Cambridge gear sounds excellent w/ this mini system.
Thanks for the clarification Will. I mispoke obviously. On that note are there any other amps on the horizon?