Mini Home Theater Speakers ?

I´m looking for a 5.1 speakers for my small room 19x13 feet.
I´d like to get neutral and accurate sound with clear low end.
I´ll use them for music and movies. And I prefer lifestyle monitors or mini cabinets.

What´s your recomendation?

Here some models in mind:

Focal dome
Gallo Diva Ti
B&W MT-30
Take a look at the Mirage Omni Sats as well. I use them in my bedroom and with a sub they do quite well. They eliminate a sweet spot and produce a pretty good range of dynamics for the money. If you want something for sitting and listening to 2 channel they are not the way to go, but for HT a good fit.
Paradigm Signature 1's, they are great and very small.
Maybe something like these?
Yes I´ll use them for music too.

Kef KHT3005se is better than Dome or MT-30?
Kef KHT3005se is better than Dome or MT-30?

I have no idea.I suggested them because they looked "lifestyle" to me.That is, if my understanding of that term is correct.I heard a pair of KEF speakers(monitors) and they sounded,to my ears and what I would consider,relaxed.That was just a casual listen of one pair so,don't take the comment as gospel.Remember,it's always better to trust your own ears than to rely on what others tell you.
budget for all including sub?
budget 2 or 2,5

From Gallo I heard good things for music and movies. Any experience ?
i actually chanced to hear the mirage omnisats auditioned against the gallos this weekend and the omnisats were, to my ears, far superior--much less boxy and directional; ergo i'd second theo's rec. you might also consider the definitive mythos series.
I have the Gallo Ti's and they are great. Orb Audio (similar design) is another option...
Powerstudio.Quad L-ite.Killer looks,Killer sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those Gallo Due's (er whatever one's have the dual ball and HF ribbon combo) are MUCH MUCH faster, dynamic and potent sounding hi-end monitors than the single orb models. The single gallo balls are limited range speakers, that perform not much better than an NHT supper zero, IME.
Yeah, I think you shoulc look into those. Nice for music and movies.