Mini DSP SHD - should I buy to replace a preamp?

I hear good things about this acclaimed DSP tool. Component includes a dac and streaming and DSP capabilities.  It's like a schitt Freya without the tubes and more.


Is this thing just as good is a higher end preamp?


I own two minidsp 4x10's and a couple of 2xHD's.  They have great products for the price.  DSP is an incredible tool when used properly (horrible when misused).  I don't know about the new SHD model since I haven't used it, but I find the miniDSP stuff to sound really sterile.  I would gladly use it on a digital source (TV, low or medium quality streaming, CD player), but I would not put one in line with any analog source (vinyl, tape, etc.) because I think the converters don't sound as good as higher end stuff.  It's a trade off because the DSP stuff (EQ, room correction, active crossover) can really make your system sound a lot better if used properly but I found myself to be much happier with the sound of a system that doesn't have the extra digital to analog and/or analog to digital conversion.  If your room really needs some DSP correction then I think you will like it.  But if you want a good sounding preamp then you might want to go with the Schiit Freya or a Parasound New Classic 200, both of which I have used and sound much better than the minidsp 4x10.

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