Mini-Disc Recorders are they around for long?

Have friend that wants one to use in his magic shows. Should he just get a cd recorder instead or is their benefits with the mini-disc recorder over the cd recorder over editting material you record?
I think the mini-disks are more capable than cds...

If he has a computer, he oughtta get some kind of an MP3 player. They are cheap, small, plus you can do alot of sound editing over the computer that you cannot with Minidisc and CD.
Agree with Slappy for this application......Hard to beat MP3's for editing, storage (no discs to change/mess with), size, ease of use, etc. Since sound quality is not that important in a Magic Show application, MP3 is probably the way to go.

That having been said, I own an MD recorder and a portable walkman player and I love them both. The sound quality is superior to MP3, and you still have outstanding editing capability. It's very easy to create "mix" discs for special occasions/parties and I use the portable for walking, cutting the lawn, and in my car through the cassette deck. I really enjoy the MD format.

Hope this helps.....