Mini Amplifiers

I need recommendations for miniture size or small size TUBE Amplifiers.Looking for something around 20 as small a physical package as possible.Thanks guys...
Quicksilver Mini Mono's
Ultra reliable 25 wpc Point to point wiring great output transformers and Made in USA
Dealer for over 20 years
Dynaco made a cute little amp years ago called the SCA-35, which was an integrated. They also made something called the Stereo-35 , which was the power amp section of the SCA-35. Both had nice output transformers and made about 17 watts per channel.

If you find either of them they will have to be rebuilt, as both have been out of production for 40 years or more.

VTL made some amps called the Tiny Triode.
Jolida has a cool little 10-watt PP EL84 amp
Look at the line of amplifiers from the Italian company Synthesis Audio. They have a line of EL84 tube integrated amps that sound really good for the money and look quite nice (comes in a variety of colors). These are not that easy to find in the US, but, they should be on a short list of good sounding gear.

I like the tube amps from the Hong Kong firm AudioSpace, but, they make normal size integrated amps, not particularly small in size.
Larryi,The Synthesis "Shine"is EXACTLY what I was looking for,now if I can just find one.Thanks much.
Great suggestion, Larryi! I didn't think to suggest the Synthesis, but I'll definitely second it.

The stunning little tube amplifiers this company makes are perhaps the most overlooked products in amplification. Incredible sound.