Ming MC-7R repair

Is there anyone who knows a shop that can repair the Ming MC-7R other than Pacific Valve? I know there was a place in upstate New York that modified the unit with better caps, etc. but I've lost the website. I really like the unit and have invested money in some great NOS tubes but the ability to service it is below par since it only works through an email contact and takes days to get a reply. No phone contact with Pacific at all. Any help?
It is my understanding that the Pacific Valve Co only services a product if was sold by them. I would contact Ming Da direct for a service center.
I have the same preamp, just acquired from a friend. Mine has the extreme mod package loaded up with Vcaps..... These mods were performed by Response Audio out of NY. Wonder if you can google for the link. Maybe they can help. I've owned numerous tube preamps - TAD, Audible Illusions, Counterpoint, VTL. This modded MC-7R betters all of my previous preamps. Get yours fixed and hold onto it. It's a keeper
Thanx for the Response Audio idea. My MC-7R is stock but has some wonderful NOS tubes that improved it immeasurably. I had forgotten the website for Response but I'm going to look into it.
While it's there for repair you might inquire for some mods. Maybe they offer a smaller upgrade package fr not too much money.
You won't find the Response Audio web site as it has be closed down. You can contact me directly through a new site www.ra-ny.com

We do not advertise mods but will accept them in from those who inquire. Being the designer for Purity Audio Design, my mod time is limited these days.

Bill Baker
Purity Audio Design
Thanx for the responses. Pacific Valve finally got on-track and the unit should arrive today (the 21st) for the repair. I'm still thinking of the upgrade and now I need to find out the price for that option. Then it's a matter of figuring out what to do.